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Tales of an Unexpected Snow Day

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Power Play

photo by D. Crickets

photo by D. Crickets

photo by D. Crickets

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We asked juniors and seniors how they spent their Friday, after learning that a weather-related power outage led to a school cancellation.


“I’m working on college essays because I have more time, and I’ll probably meet up with a friend or two at a coffee shop later to get some work done because I have no power at my house.” – Jordana Avigad, senior

“This cancellation was a lovely surprise. I had two questions on my stats homework that I did not know how to do, and I was in no mood to be roasted by Mr. Lester. Instead, I got to spend my morning at breakfast with two of my best friends, so I’d say that’s a win.” – Maureen Walsh, senior

“My power went off last night at 7 pm, and I didn’t get home from the fall play until 10:15. Then, I was up until 1 am doing homework on a dying computer on my hotspot in the dark. Needless to say, it was an EXTREMELY pleasant surprise to wake up to a cancellation!” – Skylar Davidson, senior

“I’m going to the movies with my grandma, and I’m kinda happy about the cancellation.” – Brendan Werner, junior

“I’m spending my day playing with my dog and catching up on some reading that I have to do for English…I’m going to use a face mask and de-stress from the week.” – Bella Tumolo, senior

“I am taking the day for myself and relaxing. Maybe I’ll read a book or watch a movie. I’ll also be snuggled up with all my blankets and drink some hot chocolate to get in the winter mood.” – Maddy Mueller, senior

“I slept in today and later I’m going to go hang out with friends. Maybe I’ll play in the snow for the fun of it.” – Katie Kosco, senior

“I’m hanging out with my boyfriend and making cookies.” – Gabrielle Parker, junior

“I’m shoveling my driveway and sleeping.” – Jack Hickerson, senior

“I got to sleep in for the first time in a while.” – Jennifer Mahon, senior

“I have to help clean my house then I am going to hangout with my boyfriend.” – Paige Hartle, senior

“Walked my dog then walked to work” -Chris Linn, senior

“Sleep & a Riverdale marathon” -Kara McLaughlin, senior

“Painting and reading” -Mary Rose Dosch, senior

“Driving to a swim meet 😬” -Mary Liz Flavin, senior

“Slept till noon, edited (video) till midnight” -Dawson White, senior

“Try to hang out with friends, but then realize that’s not what my heart really wants. Nap time and Netflix always wins.” -Jesse Schilling, senior

“Set my couch on fire because the power won’t be back on till 11 pm and leaving the mess for my parents to clean up by going to Light up Night downtown later” -Jenni Booker, senior

“I spent the well-needed snow day not stressing about my social studies test and watching Jim Carrey movies” -Erica Negrini, junior

“Watching shows on my phone and eating nuts because we don’t have junk food or anything that isn’t microwaveable.”-Samia Parvez, junior

“Sleeping in, listening to Christmas music, and later going to the play.” -Sarah Foody, junior

“I am laying in my bed, trying to get warm, and think of things to do that don’t require electricity.” – Jessica Long, senior

“Today I woke up and went to breakfast with my friend. Then I came home and did laundry and played with my dog in the snow. After that, I took a really nice nap.” – Jessie Conway, senior

“I spent my day eating wings and playing football with >>>the boys<<<” -John Ehling, senior

“I am reading the final installment of the Throne of Glass series, as well as baking some cookies today.” – Elizabeth Mathews, senior

“The power went out at my house, so I’m charging my phone in my car and playing game pigeon games.”- Jenna Brandt, junior

“Definitely not doing homework.” – Emily Hu, senior

“Playing with my dogs in the snow and getting hypothermia while doing so.” – Mara Gross, senior

“Since we had no power, we had to go and give the turkey to my grandma to save it .” – Abby Glass, junior

“I watched Friends” – Emily Betler, senior

“I am finishing an essay today along with enjoying our first real snowfall this year.” – Megan Gleason, senior

“I’m still stressed out because I still have to figure out if we have a show tonight.” – Maci Rothermel, junior

“On my day off I toasted my bagel on a fire in the dark then got Starbucks and went to my friends’ house to keep warm.” – Rachel Maniet, junior

“I’m just cleaning my house cuz all my extended relatives lost power and are coming over for our heat.” – Mary Katherine Stewart, senior

“Okay well since my house’s supply of power is gone, my best friend is being super nice and adopting me for the day. We have eaten and chatted so far. It’s been nice catching up.” – Lauren Smith, senior

“I’m getting all my school work done, so I can enjoy my weekend and spend time with my friends and family.” – Emme Cikins, senior

“I played hockey and still am planning on seeing the school play if they still have it. Evan Diulus told me 30 laughs guaranteed, so I’m looking forward to it” – Colby Yaglowski, senior

“Well, I woke up at 6:30 and washed my face before anyone told me we had a delay, so I just stayed up and then I made pancakes. I watched a special on the Beatles scandals on TV and now I’m at the mall buying candles.” -Teighan Racicot, senior

“Freezing.” – Drew Palmer, senior

“Enjoying the only situation where parents encourage eating large quantities of ice cream.” – TJ Faber, senior

“I finished a book, packed for the church retreat I’m going to tonight, and my sister and mom and I are going to see The Grinch.” – Elizabeth Belden, senior

“Once I saw that school was canceled, I turned off ALL of my alarms and slept in. I tried to be productive but instead couldn’t resist the urge to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate.” -Sai Velaga, junior

“I’m taking an SAT practice test. Big Rip” – Sakeena Badrane, junior

“I slept in and shopped with my grandma :)”- Meg Rees, junior

“I’m playing Let’s Go, Pikachu! with a friend.” – Bridget Russell, senior

“I’m having my own movie marathon. I have a list of movies on my phone that I never have time to watch and I’m burning through some of them.”- Alana Porche, junior

“I slept for 11 hours and will probably work on college apps with a few Netflix episodes in between.” – Kacey Yip, senior

“I’m not doing anything exciting… just writing college essays.” – Kayli Yip, senior

“I had already planned to go hunting today.  Now I wasted a snow day and I’m still freezing.” -Daniel Kolano, senior

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  1. Dr. Kreider on November 16th, 2018 2:48 pm

    Wow. Sounds like everyone would have had more fun at NASH today. Sorry for the cancellation! Rest up and enjoy a three day weekend. Thank you Uproar for working overtime.

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