Good News? Good News!

Buy your tickets for the spring musical before it's too late


photo by Nathan Kelly

Stage Crew is making final preparations for the opening of Good News next week.

Valerie Davis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“You guys are doing Good News? I’ve never heard of that show before. Is it good?”

You may have seen previous North Allegheny spring musicals. Even if you haven’t, you probably have at least heard of the shows that are performed here at NASH. However, this year is a new experience altogether. The question has been around since the show name was released in September: What the heck is Good News?

Well, it’s a musical set in the Roaring ’20s with several different subplots and characters that all spiral together into one big ending. The show is filled with dance, humor, and fun — all of which are appropriate for everyone of all ages.

Nevertheless, for the cast and crew, the has been months in the making, months filled with an immense amount of hard work and dedication.

Yet the March 13th opening quickly approaches, and the excitement on and behind stage is palpable.

These last few weeks of the musical process are difficult every year, but they’re also when the cast comes the closest together.”

— Skylar Davidson, aka Babe O'Day

Emma Hackworth, who plays Connie Lane in the show, loves the fact that no one has heard of the show before.

“I love my songs and character,” Hackworth said. “It’s also really cool that no one really knows the show — I didn’t even know what it was when we first saw the list in September. But because it’s not known by many people, I get to put my own spin on Connie rather than imitating well-known actresses. For Legally Blonde, the show we performed two years ago, Elle Woods was a character people knew very well. But now, Connie is mine and she is who I personally make her.”

Skylar Davidson, who plays Babe O’Day, finds the weeks leading up to the show to be the hardest part of each spring musical.

“Every year, tech week and show week are always the most grueling parts of the show,” Davidson said. “Having to be full-out every day right after school from 2:45 pm – 7:00 pm is hard, especially with school work thrown in there. These last few weeks of the musical process are difficult every year, but they’re also when the cast comes the closest together. We become a family.”

Even Evan Diulus, who will be the star football player, Tom Marlowe, finds this last stretch quite difficult yet rewarding.

“I’m so excited for the final product,” said Diulus. “I can already see all our hard work paying off. The progress we’ve made so far is awesome. I know it’s evolving into something so exciting.”

Parent coordinator Ahlam Weidman has been involved with the musical since her sons were in the spring musicals, and she remains an integral part of the production.

“This is the most exhausting yet exciting time in the life cycle of a North Allegheny musical – tech week,” Weidman said. “Having been involved with now fourteen NA musicals, I know how much hard work, sweat, and time go into these productions by the students and directing team. This is when it all pays off. We are so close and we now have a show; a great show. Everyone involved is eager to share it with our audiences.”

As tech week hastens to an end, the cast and crew are preparing for opening week next week. You don’t want to miss the family-friendly show that features your classmates, whether they are in the cast, in the pit, or at work with stage crew.

Tickets are now on sale Good News at You can purchase online, at the door, or even during your lunch period. Opening night is Wednesday, March 13 and shows run through Sunday, March 17.

“I’ve seen the musical every year since I was a freshman,” senior Maureen Walsh, a friend of many of the cast members, said. “Each year I am blown away by the talent. Watching my friends perform these last few years has been amazing and I cannot wait to see their final show.”