Final Countdown: Friday Night

A photo timeline of the Marching Band's antics and adventures leading up to a Friday night performance

Meg Rees, Photography Editor

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  • 2:30 Alex Hoare and Noah DiBiasi play the marimba with two mallets in each hand, as Lily Stromberg watches in amazement.

    all photos by Meg Rees

  • 3:00 Snare captain Malia Wilson practices various cadences before the Friday night performance.

  • 3:30 Alana Porche and Ana Granite chow down on Moe’s before the game.

  • 3:45 Joe Wiethorn, Ainsley Ferron, Tori Huchinson, Jack Palicki, and Jared Pfister play Nintendo Switch ahead of their call-time at 5:30.

  • 4:00 Amanda Slusser, senior snare, practices her music on her drum pad.

  • 4:30 Sarah Foody gives a big thumbs up after putting her makeup on.

  • 4:45 Carly Graham assists Samia Parvez in putting on false eyelashes before twirling the baton on the field.

  • 5:00 Autumn Bulebush shows off her makeup job, which lasts through sweat, rain, and long parades.

  • 5:15 Holly Dougherty and Hope Wright quickly eat their pizza as call-time approaches.

  • 5:20 Colorguard Corrin Greenleaf helps put Mary-Grace Miller’s hair in the traditional ponytail.

  • 5:20 The uniform room opens, and Theo DiBiasi takes his black uniform to the trumpet section of the auditorium -- the loudest area of the auditorium.

  • 5:30 The loading crew loads the trailer. Ben Cochran, Brandon Zeitler, Michael Barnett, and Nate Gierzynski load sousaphones, trombones, bari saxes, tenor saxes, and drums on the trailer.

  • 5:45 Thomas Wang runs up the aisle of the auditorium with his uniform bag, trying to get back to his seat fast.

  • 5:45 Mr. Stefan and Mr. Baldanzi talk to the band before they are dismissed for the buses.

  • 6:30 Andrew Johnson puts on his sequined vest before getting off the bus.

  • 6:30 Eli Prem laughs at a joke thrown about on the band bus as he puts on his uniform pants.

  • 6:30 Drum Major, Ian Rampton, ties his white shoes.

  • 11:00 Meryem Marasli, Mia Miller, and Sakeena Badrane are exhausted after a long and exciting game.

  • 11:15 Band students anxiously wait to return uniforms after a long night.

  • 11:30 Ayden Klobuchar escapes the monstrous mob that is the uniform return line.

  • Emilie Whitewolf and Amy Hendricks talk to Logan Henderson while waiting in line to return uniforms.