Everyone’s Favorite Halloween Treat

What’s yours?


Sofia Brickner

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Sofia Brickner, Staff Writer

“Snickers.  It’s a combination of 3 great things- chocolate, caramel, and nuts all into one.” -Connor Mcquiston

“Kit Kats, they’re absolutely wild.” -Stefan Leovac

“Definitely sour patch kids because they are very sour, yet sweet.” -Amanda Wang

“Kit Kats, they are chocolatey and crispy.” -Leigh Ivory

“Snickers, I like the peanuts. -Meredith Blough

“Milkyways, because caramel and chocolate are my two favorite foods.” -Katrina Evancho

“I believe that king-sized Hershey bars are the best Halloween candy because most of the time you get really small pieces of candy but you can get more bang for your buck.” -Jenny Molyneaux

“Kitkats, they’re original and delicious.” -Kelista Lundgren

“Anything except black licorice.” -Cat Watson

“Milkyways or M&Ms because I have a lot of allergies and I can actually eat them.” -Kathy Reynolds

“Skittles because they make me feel like Marshawn Lynch.” -Jacob Gardner

“Reese’s.  They’re the best.” -Oriana Plenter