All in the Aesthetic

NASH junior Emily Gierczynski runs her own online business, powered by her love of art.

Jamey Simon, Staff Writer

When did you first develop an interest in art?

I always loved doing art when I was little, but my interest became a lot stronger when I went into middle school and high school.

Who is your favorite artist?

Probably Frida Kahlo. She was a Mexican artist who painted portraits of herself. She had a unique life, and I think she was very interesting.

How do you decide which paintings you want to sell?

I usually sell most every painting that I do. At first, it was hard to give up the paintings because I loved them so much, but now I just paint and sell pretty much anything.

Do you have a favorite painting that you have done?

One of my favorites was of the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp. I love this painting so much, and it is for sale in my shop!

How did you decide to name your business?

It was hard to come up with a name, but my mom really helped me to come up with one. We just played around with ideas and came up with EmilyLynnAesthetics, which includes my first and middle name.

Are your parents supportive of your business?

Yes, they encourage me to keep going.

How does making art affect you?

Art makes me feel really happy. It is something that I love to do, and knowing that I am doing it not just for me but for other people to enjoy makes it that much more special.

Is art just a hobby or do you want to pursue a college degree and a career?

I think that art is just a hobby for me. I want to explore other careers, but who knows what my future holds? My opinion could change, however, and I could end up pursuing art as a career. Either way, I will still be happy and continue to make art on the side to keep my business going.

How expensive is the average painting that you sell?

The average is $8.00. The paintings are very time-consuming, and art materials are very expensive, believe it or not.

How does it feel to be a young businesswoman?

It feels really empowering to be a businesswoman! I don’t always sell a lot and usually have a period of time when I don’t sell anything, but I am still encouraged to keep making products.

Who taught you to love art?  Or who is your role model?

I don’t think any one person taught me to love art. I think I learned to love it on my own with encouragement from my friends, family, and teachers.

What was your first painting that you sold?

The first painting I sold was a mini painting of a blue sky with clouds and a bird.