How He Rolls

Senior bowler Dylan Scheidler may not have a victory dance but has certainly proven worthy after winning the final PIAA match.

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer

What inspired you to get started in bowling?

Well, I used to watch a lot of PBA bowling on my phone when I was younger, and one person that stood out to me was Jason Belmonte, one of the best PBA players in the world who throws with two hands. Watching him inspired me because I have never seen someone throw that way before. I thought his style was very unique, so I started bowling just like him and eventually started to get very good with his style. This led to me joining the NA bowling team, where I learned a lot more about bowling and started to improve which made me love bowling even more.

What is basic bowling etiquette?

Basic etiquette for bowling is to make sure no one is bowling on the lanes to your left and right before going up on the approach to bowl. This allows people to bowl without potential distraction.

What were the team’s original goals when the season started?

I thought we had a very good chance at making the stepladder, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy to win States because Eastern PA always has a lot of good teams, and we had to play two of them to win the title. 

What was your first thought when the score flashed a victorious 184-177 in the final PIAA match?

I was just extremely proud of what my teammates and I accomplished because no one from Western PA has won States since 2011, and it just shows how hard we have worked over the years to accomplish such a task. 

Did you expect to win?

We had done very well all season, and I knew we had enough talent to achieve this task.

Do you crush your friends in friendly weekend bowling games?


What is the perfect weight of a bowling ball?

I would say 14 to 15 pounds is a good weight for a bowling ball.

Is there a dance move that you perform after bowling a strike?

I don’t have any special dance moves after I strike. We usually just get very loud and clap for each other when someone strikes to intimidate our opponents.

How do you and your teammates celebrate after a win?

Not all the time but sometimes, we will go out to eat with the team after a big win.

Have you ever slipped on the lane after you let go of the ball?

I have slipped before, but I haven’t fallen onto the lane.

What is the best score you have ever bowled?

300—a perfect score.

Besides bowling, what other activities do you participate in?

I like to work out, play spike ball, hockey, basketball, baseball, and video games with my friends. I also played soccer from when I was seven years old until I was a junior, then quit to continue bowling.

What is your favorite meal to eat before a competition?

During the playoffs, I would eat shrimp pasta before competing.

If gifted a boat right now, what would you name it?


If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Dale—my nickname in bowling.

If you could be transported into any movie, what would it be?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.