The Arrival of Spring

After a long winter, the longer days and warmer air can offer motivation, inspiration, and a renewed focus.


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Along with the start of Spring comes beautiful flowers.

Jamey Simon, Staff Writer

The beginning of spring is like a sigh of relief. It comes with many things, the promise of summer, beautiful weather, new sports and an overall light-hearted feeling. 

Not only does spring lift spirits it also significantly improves mental health. Getting outside and letting your face and body get sunlight improves many health functions. People who get outside in the sun more often experience a higher quality of sleep from the serotonin of being outside. 

Vitamin D from the sunlight has long-lasting benefits. It promotes stronger bones and a lower blood pressure.

People’s favorite things about spring can range from their getting to play their favorite sport again all the way to taking a walk with their dog.

Junior Emily Gierczynski’s favorite thing about spring is hearing the birds chirping. In spring, there are a bunch of new varieties of birds. One that is constantly associated with spring is the robin. 

Some people simply like seeing things that disappear when the winter comes. Junior Emily Yanchak loves to see the grass again after months of snow being on the ground. Grass, leaves on trees, and the sun come out of hiding when spring starts to show.

“I love it being warm out and all of the beautiful flowers,” Megan Quinlan, a junior, said.

As well as birds, many different types of flowers start popping up with the start of warmer weather.

The first spring flowers are typically lilacs, irises, lilies, tulips, daffodils and dandelions. People love that with the coming of spring school is almost over and summer is on its way. It’s a sign of hope and brings a refreshing sigh of relief. 

Junior Carolyn Mole especially loves that, with the coming of spring, warm weather arrives and colors start popping up everywhere. Winter might be good for the holidays, but it isn’t the best season for vibrant colors. In summer, you can look around and see bright green grass, 100’s of shades of flowers, and blue skies. 

In China, spring correlates with Chinese New Year and there are lots of celebrations to take part in. Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the lunar month and sometimes lines up with the groundhog predicting spring’s arrival. 

“I love spring because I feel like I am in a better mood and everything seems less stressful with the beautiful weather,” Gierczynski said.

During spring, the days get longer and it feels as though we have more time in the day. If you want to go for a drive at 7:00, chances are it won’t be dark yet, whereas in the winter you would have to use your brights on your car. 

“I love spring because the weather is getting nicer and I can go outside more,” junior Alli Schwartz said. “I also like spring because the flowers start to bloom and it makes everything look more beautiful.”

Some people use spring as a motivation to clean out all their old junk and start fresh. Everyone could use a fresh start, so why not achieve it by giving your closet a makeover or sweeping rooms that could definitely use it?

With the beautiful spring weather, some people are more motivated to work out. Since the sun gives us Vitamin D and energy, we feel less tired and ready to get to work on our fitness. With more sunlight comes more motivation. 

Whether your favorite thing about spring is the colors, the promise of summer, or the sounds of the birds, we can all agree spring brings something for each of us.