The 12 Rants of Christmas

Sure, I’m thankful for a lot this holiday season. But some things…


photo by Jess Daninhirsch

There’s many things about NASH that irk its students on a daily basis.

Sally Cho, Co-Editor-in-Chief

December is a month full of holidays, where people spend time with loved ones and celebrate. It is also a time of spreading joy and gratefulness. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I would spread a little joy by gifting to you, The Uproar readers, twelve rants about the little things at NASH that have been grating on me. 

1. Temperature

Why is it that this school is always either too hot or too cold? Or sometimes, one room will be freezing cold and the other will be burning hot. Here, you can experience every season of the year — winter, spring, summer, and fall — all in a day. In these tumultuous times, there is always one guarantee: At NASH, no matter how you dress, you will feel uncomfortable at some point during the day. 

2. Lack of utensils

The amount of times this school year that the cafeteria has run out of either spoons, forks, or knives is too many times to count. Everyone is tired and hungry by the time they get to their lunch period, and the last thing we want to deal with is not having utensils to eat with.

3. Lack of chairs in the cafeteria

Speaking of the cafeteria, can we talk about how there are simply not enough chairs for everyone in the cafeteria? My table of three people has to scour the cafeteria daily for a chair because we are always missing at least one. Sometimes one of us will have to sit in the comically high chairs looking over the whole room because there literally is not a single extra chair in the cafeteria. Every lunch period is like the Hunger Games with people going around tables asking if anyone is using this chair.” Spoiler alert: The answer is always yes.

4. People who don’t turn right on red

I get it. The roads are bound to get jammed when hundreds of people are trying to get to a single place on time in the mornings. However, I believe it is everyone’s civic duty to do their part to make sure they are not causing anyone extra trouble. In Pennsylvania, it is legal to turn right on red (unless there is a NO TURN ON RED sign), provided you yield to pedestrians and other traffic. So then, when it is clearly safe to do so, why is it that some people do not turn right on red going into NASH in the morning, blocking up an entire lane?

5. Lack of a turning lane into NASH

Speaking of, why is there no right turning lane into NASH? There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a car going straight at a red light, knowing that if they weren’t there, you could just turn right and be in the parking lot on time for school. 

6. No windows

Seasonal depression is highly prevalent among western Pennsylvanians. Mental health in general is a huge issue in teenagers. So then, why did whoever build NASH decide it would be a great idea to trap thousands of teenagers in a building with few windows for seven hours a day? When I wake up, it is dark. By the time I’m done with extracurriculars and homework, it is dark outside. I hardly get any natural light at any point during the day. I feel like a vampire.

7. What’s up with the ceilings? 

A few days ago, my friend was hit by a water droplet coming from a leak in the ceiling by the athletic entrance hallway. And why is every one of my classrooms missing at least one ceiling tile? 

8. Air dryers in lieu of paper towels

The last thing I want to do when I’m rushing to class in between bells is stand in front of the dryer waiting for it to dry my hands fully. I appreciate the environmentally friendly restrooms, but paper towels are much more efficient than these air dryers that take forever to do their job.

9. No service in certain classrooms

Why do some rooms at NASH that have such poor cellular service? I feel like I’m in a whole different dimension in those rooms because as soon as I walk out I get service back and am flooded with notifications.

10. The walk to the rock climbing wall

For me at least, gym class is torturous enough by itself. The last thing I want to do is walk in the freezing cold every other day from NASH to the football field to partake in the rock climbing unit. I don’t really know what I’d suggest as a solution for this, because I don’t know where there could be a place for a rock climbing wall inside NASH. I just simply don’t enjoy the walk outside on cold mornings. 

11. People standing in circles in the middle of the hallway

The last thing I want to do when I’m trying to get to class is maneuver my way through groups of people just standing in the middle of the already-narrow hallways, blocking the way.

12. The parking lot at dismissal

The NASH parking lot at dismissal time is near-anarchy. People lose their humanity in that lot. The amount of times I’ve just sat in my car until everyone leaves because I don’t have the mental energy to deal with the lot is too much to count.


Now, let me emphasize, there are many things about NASH that I love.  However, I have to say, I feel much better now that I’ve gotten all that out. In fact, I think it’s better to get all your complaining out now so you can put on a happy face for the festivities. Happy holidays, everyone!