Top 10 Gifts for Friends and Family

Need a gift idea? This list is sure to help you out.


photo credits: piqsels

A selection of gifts wrapped and ready for opening.

Camryn Gray, Staff Writer


It’s officially the holiday season, which means that gift giving is a high priority. While coming up with the best gift for a loved one can be a difficult task, a few of the gift ideas below may appear to be targeted to certain age groups, in terms of enjoyment. 

An inexpensive gift that is perfect for teens is a “Wreck this Journal”. The $9.59 journal is great to relieve stress and to distract teens from burdens of everyday life. The journal is filled with unusual activities, such as tearing pages out, and is a great way to relieve stress. 

A gift that is more on the practical side is a Tile tracking device. The gift is more useful than fun, but the benefits will make up for it. The tracking device is $17.99 and is meant to make life less stressful by easily being able to find lost items.

Consider a karaoke microphone that can be connected to the gift recipient’s car via bluetooth and is also wireless. The “Carpool Karaoke” phenomenon featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden has inspired gifts like this for an enjoyable time with friends. The $30.99 microphone is selling rapidly, so don’t delay. 

Card games are also a great gift to give to friends this holiday season. It is important to note that the price varies depending on the desired game. A good time with friends is not about phone usage, so card games are a great way to connect and show care this holiday season. Whether it’s the game “Hedbanz” or the game “Who’s Most Likely To?”, Target, Amazon, and Walmart all have huge selections of card games that are far more fun than what most expect from a boring, rainy day activity. 

Candles can often be a gift to show care, but they are essentially nothing special to give. However, some candle websites can have creative scents to really show appreciation for a loved one. The price may also vary  depending on the scent bought for the gift. These candles can smell like a birthday/anniversary/date, zodiac sign, specific memories, states, cities, and more. This gift is unconventional and will definitely surprise the recipient.

A Instax Fujifilm camera is a gift perfect for capturing memories with family and friends. The gift’s price is $59.95, and the camera comes in multiple colors to choose from. Film for the camera and a bag made for the camera can be added to make for a terrific gift.

Ugg slippers are a great gift to give, especially during the winter months. The slippers tend to fit on the more expensive side of the gift giving spectrum, but the slippers are a useful gift to show your thoughtfulness.

Do you know someone who loves coffee/tea? A heated mug is a wonderful gift for them, even if the price is upwards of $99.99. This gift could also be complemented with coffee/tea, a keurig, or a milk frother

A movie projector is a gift meant for movie lovers. The projector costs $89.99 and comes with a projection screen. The projector could also be projected on a white wall or on a white sheet attached to the wall. The gift is great for a fun night with friends and family.

A record player is a unique, vintage gift to give during the holiday season. The gift tends to fall on the more expensive side, but it is a creative way to show appreciation for friends and family. A quality record player can be priced starting at $69.95 and increase upwards of $200.00. The gift could also be accompanied by some records specified to fit the music taste of the recipient.

These ten gifts will be a thoughtful way to show appreciation this holiday season!