A Review of Scream (2022)

The newest movie in the series will have horror fans screaming with fear, shock, and enjoyment.


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Four characters from the original Scream movies return for a fifth time in 2022

Anthony Durzo, News Editor

It was originally thought to be a low-budget snore-fest horror film of the 90s but turned out of to be one of the scariest movies of all time.

The fifth movie of the film series Scream was released to theaters on Friday, January 14th and horror film-fanatics such as myself lined up in lobbies of movie theaters across the nation to see what more was to be added to this horror classic.

It has been 25 years since main character Sydney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, was a witness to a stabbing spree across the fictional town of Woodsboro. Now, there is a new murderer in the familiar suit, known as Ghostface. 

Prescott is not the only original character who appears again in the fifth movie. Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley, played by David Arquette, reappears. Dewey, being the selfless police sergeant he is, comes out of retirement in order to protect those in danger from the masked murderer. 

Throughout the movie, several gory scenes forced my hands to hide my eyes from the spine-chilling events.”

By his side for some portions of the film was his friend but unforgettably his former lover, Gale Weathers, portrayed by Courtney Cox. Weathers, a morning news reporter, is determined to put an end to the Ghostface killings once and for all. 

Even though his character was killed in the original 1996 Scream, Skeet Ulrich, playing the original murderer of Billy Loomis, returns for a few short yet significant parts that later plot the twists in the action. 

“Don’t answer the phone” the audience, including myself, expressed as we watched little Tara naively press the green button on her home’s landline telephone in the opening scene. As many of us are familiar with the previous Scream movies, we were immediately aware that the first of many gruesome crimes was about to take place in a matter of minutes.  

Throughout the movie, several gory scenes forced my hands to cover my eyes from the spine-chilling events unfolding before me. 

For some who may not find joy in horror films, it could be hard to understand why I enjoyed this movie the way that I did. Like other thrill-seekers, I love the chilling feeling I receive when watching any frightening scene on screen. Perhaps this could be because there is an establishment of boundary between a simple picture on a screen from real life.  

While I do predict that this may be one of the greatest horror films we see all year, there are few setbacks that keep me from naming this film as my ultimate favorite.

For starters, I was not too impressed with the actress who portrayed the role of Amber, Mikey Madison. It was very clear that her fear and cries were fake, which should obviously not be noticeable while acting in a 24 million dollar budget movie such as this.

There was also one plot hole that left viewers such as myself baffled. So that there are no spoilers for future viewers, an explanation of the confusion will go unmentioned. However, I will say that one story told in this movie leaves a mystery to the plot in the first Scream. 

If you are a horror-film lover like myself, buy your ticket now and expect the unexpected.”

Other than that, I was fascinated by the creativity of the writing. It is not common that the fifth movie of a popular film series is well-received by an audience. In this case, Scream is modernized to fit today’s world with specifics of technology use and some of today’s values. It is not stuck in the 90s and early 2000s when the previous Scream movies were released. 

To keep up with the modernization of the film, many misleading scares were included; where the audience is ready for a jump scare to make the little hairs on their arms raise when nothing of excitement has occurred. Additionally, there were no usual plot-twists that were expected and commonly used in other movies; rather, the creativity of the storyline had audiences gasping in shock. 

Other than a few less-important setbacks, the fifth Scream movie was an absolute thrill and pleasure to see in theaters. 

If you are more on the sensitive side regarding violent content, keep your distance from the theater. But if you are a horror-film lover like myself, buy your ticket now and prepare to scream.