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Zack “Jimbo” Lawry
Zack "Baron Von Jimbo" Lawry is a senior at North Allegheny Senior High School and will (hopefully) graduate at the end of the year. Jimbo took on the role of NATV's Program Director late Summer 2018 and has been the face of North Allegheny video media ever since. After spending his junior year learning the craft under veterans Roman "Max" Micucci, Connor Horan, and Sean Malady, Jimbo is ready to lead the new NATV senior class through the 2018-2019 school year. Aside from his exploits in NATV, Jimbo is also a three-year letterman and Junior Varsity Captain of the NA Bowling team and generally prefers the company of dogs to that of humans. Jimbo plans on going to college to further study filmmaking en route to world domination.

Jimbo Lawry, NATV Program Director

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