Where They Were on 9/11

Nine NASH teachers recall their experiences on the fateful day

September 11, 2001 is a day America will never forget. While it is difficult for those of us who were not even born yet to appreciate the impact that 9/11 had on those who lived through it, many NASH teachers recall exactly what they were doing when they learned that the first plane hit the first tower. Like most Americans, the nine teachers below did not at first realize the full scale of the atrocity that would soon unfold. But when the second plane hit, the horror set in.  

As much as 9/11 was a horrible tragedy, our country pulled together as a united group of diverse people. We have moved forward, but we will never forget. 


Ms. Wienand
Mrs. Lasitis
Miss Nasser
Mrs. Schmiech
Mrs. Morris
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Rhinehart
Mrs. Loeffert
Mr. Rhinehart

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