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The author receiving her vaccination shot last Tuesday at Butler Memorial Hospital.

Getting a Shot at a Normal Life

Waverly Younts, Staff Writer April 9, 2021

I had been anxiously awaiting my chance to get a COVID-19 vaccine for a very long time, but it may not be for the reason you think. Of course, I was worried about getting infected. No one wants to get...

Protests for women's equality help to bring light to the issues women face.

“NotAllMen”: A Rebuttal from a Man

Tyler Vargo, Guest Writer April 8, 2021

In light of International Women’s Month last month, recent statistics regarding harassment and violent acts toward women have taken many aback. Most commonly seen on social media is the claim that 97%...

The race to be the best at North Allegheny usually just results in false superiority complexes and increased competition among peers.

A Case of Self-Imposed Superiority

Kristen Kinzler, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 8, 2021

I was naive to think that, somehow, my senior year at North Allegheny would be different. For some odd reason, a part of me thought it would be a year full of celebrating my peers’ accomplishments, being...

Group projects often lead to unequal amount of work among members.

There’s No ‘I’ in Team

Kristen Kinzler, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 26, 2021

You’re sitting in class when your teacher announces that you’ll be starting a new project. Before he or she can even begin to discuss the rubric or instructions, they mention that it will be a group...

Imagining what the future holds is now more difficult than ever.

Normal is Now Abnormal

Anna Parsons, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

Just over 365 days ago, our lives were flipped upside down and inside out. All of a sudden, school was cancelled for “two weeks," people were walking around with masks on, empty shelves lined every aisle...

The shooting in a grocery store located in Boulder, Colorado on Monday left local shoppers terrified after witnessing a shooting.

Enough was Enough (and it still is)

Waverly Younts, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

On the afternoon of Monday, March 22, news broke of a mass shooting in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, resulting in 10 fatalities. Twenty-one-year-old suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is accused of opening...

Sexual Misconduct in Professional Sports

Sexual Misconduct in Professional Sports

Jamey Simon, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

Why do some people get away with doing wrong? Over time, players in sports have gotten away with doing wrong to women because the league does not want to lose money or fans. Several cases have been put...

The NHS application process is tedious and misrepresents the structure of goodwill.

A Flawed Sense of Honor

Lucie Flagg, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 22, 2021

Scholarship, service, leadership, and character—these are the four pillars of National Honor Society (NHS), according to the organization's website. And it sounds great in theory, right? It’s a group...

PPG Paints Arena is currently operating at 25% capacity, giving fans the opportunity to attend games for the first time in a year.

Back in the Stands

Kristen Kinzler, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 19, 2021

Two weeks ago, I sat at PPG Paints Arena, with a box of nachos on my lap, a bottle of root beer in my hand, and tears in my eyes. The Pittsburgh Penguins skated onto the ice for their warm ups, and I was...

The heightened use of disposable masks has made a bad impact on the environment.

The Disposable Dilemma

Flynn McGurrin, Staff Writer March 19, 2021

It's beyond debate that face coverings are essential to public health during a viral pandemic. But while they have played a central role in slowing the spread of COVID-19, disposable masks may have long-term,...

The Senate passed the COVID relief a week before President Biden officially signed it.

Too Little, Too Late

Christiaan Titus, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

After months of waiting, Americans are finally getting a fraction of the relief that is needed to help them get by during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.  President Joe Biden signed a relief package...

Especially during the pandemic, athletics are being prioritized over music and the arts.

The Sports Privilege of COVID-19

Alyssa Bruce, Copy Editor March 17, 2021

There is no question that having in-person school activities is incredibly difficult this year due to the pandemic. However, it seems that sports have been prioritized over other activities, such as the...

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