The Uproar

The girls' basketball team is preparing for a unique but exciting season.

On the Pivot

Mary Marzula, Staff Writer January 15, 2021

Every student-athlete looks forward to their senior season and the accompanying flowers, banners, and banquets. It's a celebration of years of hard work. But what if you were told that your senior season...

Overpaid to Play

Overpaid to Play

Jamey Simon, Staff Writer January 8, 2021

Every year the average NFL football player makes 2.1 million dollars. Matthew Stafford, a quarterback for the Detroit Lions, had a five-year contact for 135 million dollars. For Tom Brady, quarterback...

MLB's recent decision to include Negro League stats in its record books may prove that Josh Gibson (fourth from the right in the back row) was the greatest hitter of all time.

To Put the Record Straight

Flynn McGurrin, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

Records, it is commonly said, are made to be broken.  But what if they already have been? The MLB recently announced that it will begin including statistics from the Negro Leagues in their official...

In acknowledgement of racist stereotypes, Cleveland's baseball franchise has agreed to change its name.

The Name of the Game

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

Bid farewell to the Cleveland “Indians,” as the announcement of a new name has been officially released.  Since 1915, when the team's name changed from the Naps to Indians, years of protest have...

Hours before Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that youth sports would be banned until the new year, the track team lifted to prepare for their upcoming season.

Stopped in Their Tracks

Waverly Younts, Staff Writer December 11, 2020

Before yesterday afternoon, the winter track season had officially begun, despite initial concerns that the sport may be canceled this year due to COVID-19. After all, North Allegheny’s Track & Field...

NFL Commisioner Roger Gooddell speaks to the media.

A Season Not Quite Fumbled

Zachary Ludwick, Staff Writer December 4, 2020

When the NFL season began, it was expected that there would be a few bumps in the road. Surely enough, that is exactly what happened, as numerous postponements have occurred throughout the league.  The...

NA senior Lizzy Groetsch has been a dominant force on the basketball court since she first started playing in middle school.

She’s Called to Compete

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer December 2, 2020

From size-three yellow hightops to size-nine Nikes, senior Lizzy Groetsch has spent her life on the basketball court. Ever since her debut in second grade, Groetsch has made major strides on and off the...

A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own

Christiaan Titus, Staff Writer November 30, 2020

Last minute goals, match-winning challenges, and unbelievable drama are all things that draw people to watch soccer. While other sports often dominate the general attention of our school, there is certainly...

The Fighting Spirit

The Fighting Spirit

Kennedy Stana, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

It was a crazy ride for the Girls' Soccer Team. Following the 2019-20 season, which set records in its own right, the team faced high expectations at the start of 2020.  No one today can doubt that the...

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently celebrating a franchise record winning streak.

Will We Make It?

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer November 20, 2020

The City of Champions appears at a new peak as the Pittsburgh Steelers boast a winning streak of what some are calling “on cloud 9-0.” According to CBS Sports, they are the 21st team tin NFL history...

The North Allegheny Girls' Volleyball tTeam gets ready to take on the Landisville Hempfield Black Knights

A Day in the Life: NAGVB

Chelsea Boyer, Social Media Director November 20, 2020

The typical day of a student-athlete can get busy, especially during playoff season, when the need to succeed both on and off the court can demand efficient time management. Last Tuesday, the date of the...

The Cross Country team with their medals and trophy after winning the state championship on Saturday, November 7th.

First to the Finish

Claire Majerac, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

The course is never short for the North Allegheny Cross-Country Team, but the finish line this season held an extra special treat -- another shiny new state championship.  The Lady Tigers made team...

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