The Uproar

Werner's senior pictures before she concludes her title as school board representative.

The Daily Planner

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer January 18, 2021

From the classroom to the meeting room, senior Julianna Werner is busy, to say the least. Alongside her dedication to schoolwork, she is also the North Allegheny School Board Student Representative. While...

The logo for Ecosia, the world's first environmentally friendly search engine.

The Promise of Ecosia

Jess Daninhirsch, Junior Photography Editor January 18, 2021

The loudening conversation about climate change, in addition to the Climate Clock in New York City counting down the years until the earth expends its carbon budget, is a splash of cold water to the face....

Dusting off a contentious election loss four years ago, Stacey Abrams proved to be one of the central influences on the 2020 election.

The Woman Who Changed America

Flynn McGurrin, Staff Writer January 15, 2021

In only a few days time, Joe Biden will take over as president of the United States, and newly-elected Georgia Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock will give the Democratic party control of the Senate....

Life on a commune requires a lot of cooperative effort and hard work, but it pays off.

Life on a Commune

Quinn Volpe, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

High school students are traditionally conditioned to work towards one common goal: pursuing some sort of higher education and moving on to a career that will sustain them until retirement. What many don’t...

Good Talk: Señora Cerqua

Good Talk: Señora Cerqua

Chelsea Boyer, Social Media Editor January 12, 2021

When did you start speaking Spanish? I started learning Spanish in the 9th grade in high school.  I really enjoyed the class.  I loved learning the language, learning about the cultur,e and speaking...

Fireworks are a common New Year's tradition, but the uncommon traditions are can get rather odd.

Traditions on an Ahistorical Day

Ryan Nash, Staff Writer December 31, 2020

Ask yourself this, why do we celebrate holidays? Everyone knows why we celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and so on, but one holiday stands form the rest: New Years Eve. As it turns out, nothing...

My First Feast of the Seven Fishes

My First Feast of the Seven Fishes

Waverly Younts, Staff Writer December 24, 2020

Celebrating Christmas means different things to different people. For Christians, the original reason, remembering and rejoicing the birth of Christ, continues to serve as the primary reason to observe...


The Good That Came From 2020

Mary Marzula, Staff Writer December 23, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, most people can’t help but think of all the bad things that happened. The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent deaths shocked the world, and in general, it was hard to find a lot...


Retrospectives on 2020

Emma Kim, Staff Writer December 23, 2020

As an unprecedented year comes to an end, NASH students are finding that 2020 was a year of learning and change.   Senior Angeline Chalifoux has been able to look back and find a positive side to...

The Purpose-Driven Life

The Purpose-Driven Life

Evelyn Wiethorn, Staff Writer December 22, 2020

Did you always know that you wanted to be a part of Student Council? Student Council had been something I knew vaguely because of my brother but never intended to be a part of--or at least not as involved...

NASH senior Liv Schenk delivers student-made pottery and household items to a local nursing home, as part of her Pottery for Patients initiative.

A Year Of Student Leadership

Zachary Ludwick, Staff Writer December 22, 2020

In a plethora of different ways, student leadership and activism have taken a completely different shape, and 2020 has been the year that spearheaded these movements. Both local and national student-led...

10 Interesting Facts About Christmas

10 Interesting Facts About Christmas

Sophia Caruso, Staff Writer December 22, 2020

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Is it gingerbread houses and Hallmark movies or ice skating in downtown Pittsburgh on a cold December night? While this holiday and its wonderful festivities...

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