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The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

A photo of the 2017 eclipse in totality.

Call it a Night

Grace Thomas, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

On April 8th, 2024, night happens twice in America. The second total solar eclipse visible in the U.S. of the 2000’s will be occurring, an incredibly breathtaking and rare event that will not occur again...

Power Couple

Power Couple

Gracie Durzo, Staff Writer February 20, 2024

What are your roles and responsibilities as members of Student Council? Reilly: I am the Publicity Director of Student Council and the head of the Dance Committee. As Publicity Director, I create and...

...With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to climb up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day, free at last.”

Let Freedom Ring

Ruby Morris, Photography Editor February 16, 2024

AP French seniors (left to right) Helen Mao, Taylor Markl, Sameeksha Arutla, and Teju Annamaraju

Love of Language

Olivia Shubak, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 16, 2024

Learning a language is a commitment for any individual looking to become bilingual or multilingual, but for North Allegheny students, the path of study is carefully mapped out. In just seventh grade, middle...

Mr. Rhinehart scours the dictionary in search of the perfect word to acquaint himself with during his spare time.

A Pause for a Period

Olivia Shubak, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 9, 2024

NASH students observe the hard work and dedication of their teachers every day in the classroom, but what fills their workday when they aren’t at the chalkboard? More often than not, teachers take...

In Defense of Dark Skies

In Defense of Dark Skies

Grace Thomas, Staff Writer February 5, 2024

Our night sky is shrinking. 99 percent of Americans live under light polluted skies, ones becoming approximately 10.4% brighter per year in North America (with a world average brightness increase of 9.6%)....

The Inner Circle interprets Phils perfectly accurate prophecy every year.

10 Fantastically Fun Facts for Phil’s Faithful Followers

Brady Crow, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 2, 2024

Groundhog Day: a day of legend for many Pennsylvanians.  The ever-majestic Punxatawney Phil rises from his burrow to prophesy a forecast of unwavering accuracy, all while droves of adoring onlookers cheer...

Matthew Patrick gives a presentation at Campus Party Brasil 2019.

MatPat by campuspartybrasil is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Legacy of Matthew Patrick

Sunny Li, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 30, 2024

On January 9th, 2024, one of YouTube’s largest content creators, spanning nearly 40 million subscribers across four channels, announced his retirement from Internet content creation. Following this announcement,...

Head First

Head First

Greta Mott, Senior Staff Writer January 28, 2024

How many years have you been diving?  About five years How did you get into diving?  I did gymnastics for most of my life until I was introduced to diving by one of my sister’s friends in...

Consumers have the option of purchasing 30 eco-friendly tampons or 50 generic tampons for significantly cheaper.

Unsustainable Sustainability

Ava DiGiacomo, Opinions Editor January 23, 2024

Over the past decade, buzz words such as “global warming,” “climate change,” and “carbon footprint" have appeared on everything ranging from informational flyers on the street to the packaging...

From Sea to Shining Sea

From Sea to Shining Sea

Grace Thomas, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

Over the past six summers, I have had the privilege of visiting upwards of 40 national parks across the country. Although each one offers unique appeal, ten remain closest to my heart. My ratings below...

At Your Fingertips

At Your Fingertips

Annika Good, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

Have you ever wondered about those certain commodities that are always here at NASH but not commonly talked about? Those items that are passed by every day with hardly a thought about their existence?...

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