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This year's spring musical will feature a collection of songs from various shows, performed by small ensembles.


Abby Pingpank, News Editor January 12, 2021

From Good News to Titanic, the North Allegheny spring musical is known for its extraordinary performances at both the middle and high school levels. With the production's excellent reputation, audiences...

AP Art Showcase 2020-21

Réka Götz, NATV January 8, 2021

Movie poster for Soul showing Joe Gardner on the way to the Great Before.

A Review of Soul

Claire Majerac, Staff Writer January 7, 2021

It was a cold night during winter break when my family and I sat down to watch Soul. Judging from the trailer, I was expecting it to be about just that. Soul and jazz music. What I wasn’t expecting was...

A Review of Tommy Orange's There There

A Review of Tommy Orange’s There There

Michelle Hwang, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

Of the top 10 books checked out from the NASH Library so far this year (see graphic below), one in particular jumped out at me. Every so often, you come across a novel that is clearly written beyond...

Canvas's three characters, representing three generations of a family, come together in a time of grief.

A Review of Canvas

Quinn Volpe, Staff Writer January 3, 2021

COVID-19 has shed a harsh light upon our understanding of loss and grief. With over 300,000 Americans dead as a result of the pandemic, as well as a lessened ability to hold funerals, grieving death has...

While reflecting on such a stressful year, it's crucial to identify some meaningful lessons.

2020 in Six Words

December 23, 2020

The past twelve months presented us, and the world at large, with immense obstacles, but they also taught us some very important lessons. Here's what The Uproar staff learned from 2020.   What's...

Holiday songs are an essential part of the season, and they all have unique stories.

The Meanings Behind Popular Christmas Songs

Michaela Golik, Staff Writer December 23, 2020

We’re all familiar with the classic Christmas carols constantly played on the radio, in stores, and in holiday movies. But do you know the true meanings and origins behind some of the most popular ones?...

A Review of Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special

A Review of Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer December 22, 2020

From “Vision of Love” to “Touch My Body," this pop and R&B sensation has done everything an artist can do. She has acted in a variety of movies and tv shows, performing at many historical landmarks...

A Year in Your Ear

A Year in Your Ear

Sophia Caruso, Senior Staff Writer December 22, 2020

Every December, Spotify creates a personalized playlist consisting of an individual user's top songs and artists of the year called Spotify Wrapped. The feature gives users insight into what music genres...

The cover art for Declan McKenna's newest album,

A Review of Declan McKenna’s “Zeros”

Jess Daninhirsch, Junior Photography Editor December 21, 2020

The fast emerging British artist, soon-to-be-22-year-old Declan McKenna, released Zeros on September 4th, 2020. This is his second full album, preceded by What Do You Think About the Car? in 2017.  McKenna...

5 Unique Christmas Cookies

5 Unique Christmas Cookies

Mia Dudek, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

The Holidays are filled with traditions. Whatever a person celebrates, they get together and create new memories each year. Many families have incorporated baking Christmas cookies during the Holiday...

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