Christiaan Titus

June 11, 2021

Obviously, this year was much different than any other year. Although there were some things that we weren’t able to do exactly the way we wanted to, there were still so many great moments that I will always remember from my senior year.

I had a great time with Mr. Bishop, Mrs. Keyes and Mr. Brown in MSU and the Multicultural Experience class. This was also my first year writing for the Uproar, and I have to say I loved every moment of it. Being able to express myself and talk about issues that were important to me was a fantastic opportunity, and I thank Mr. Morris and all of the Uproar staff for that chance.

As for any advice for upcoming seniors, I would say make sure you apply for colleges early, so it’s not as stressful throughout the year and you can just enjoy it. Get all your work done, but don’t worry too much about everything or you will be too stressed.

Thank you to everyone who made my high school experience so memorable, and I am excited to use what I have learned in the future.

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