Bipolar Disorder

October 4, 2022

Similarly, bipolar disorder is stigmatized in an analogous way.  Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder, similar in some regards to BPD.  Bipolar disorder causes its captive to have chaotic mood swings.  There are two main modes of bipolar disorder: manic highs and depressive lows.  Both can be equally difficult to manage, as the switches between the two are quick, and often uncalled for.  

Living with bipolar disorder is an abominable challenge.  Depressive episodes drain the afflicted of all energy, while manic episodes constantly require more.  It’s an impossible balancing act.  Sadly, the public tolerance for bipolar disorder is incredibly low.  The general perception of bipolar disorder is that those who are burdened with it are “crazy” and too unpredictable for any kind of human connection.  It’s also not unordinary to hear bipolarity used in a derogatory way to describe those who change moods quickly.  It invalidates the severity of the illness and discourages treatment for the suffering.


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