Good vs. Evil

January 9, 2023

Almost everyone has at least heard the theory that good and evil are human-generated concepts, but whether they truly understand what said idea entails is a different story.

This problem between warring perceptions is, ironically enough, easier to solve in authoritarian nations. In countries such as North Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, China, and many others, what’s “good” and “evil” is almost entirely dictated by the law. Whatever the government decides is what the citizens must follow, leading to varying degrees of satisfaction.

However, in a country like America, where people are allowed to constantly call for government reform and change in legislation, the lines between good and evil are inevitably going to get muddy. 

Perhaps the most significant current issue that illustrates the struggle between good and evil is the debate over abortion rights and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

It’s no secret that Republicans and Democrats (and other right-wing or left-wing parties) have constantly been at each other’s throats over this issue, but what is the fundamental reason behind such a toxic opposition?

Republicans tend to be “pro-life” or in simpler terms, generally opposed to the idea of an abortion. While the source of their arguments can stem from either secular and (or) scientific or religious reasoning, the general agreement among the pro-life camp is to prioritize the rights and safety of the unborn child. Others, including former candidate for Senator in PA, Mehmet Oz, believe that abortion constitutes murder. 

Democrats, on the other hand, are generally “pro-choice” and support the idea of abortion. Typically, those who are pro-choice will argue under secular terms, but some can base their points on religion as well. Common arguments usually revolve around both the rights and safety of those who seek an abortion, as pregnancies can come with various complications. In extreme cases, some complications can be deadly.

Thousands of Pro-Choice protesters gather at Foley Square in Manhattan, New York to prevent what they see as evil–the overturning of Roe V. Wade. (Wikimedia Commons)

There are countless other arguments and nuances within this debate, but ultimately, when looking at both sides on the most basic terms, all arguments proceed down the same path.

Republicans see abortion as a deadly crime . They see an act of evil. But Democrats see abortion as a human right and a means to prevent disaster (or even death). They see an act of good. Republicans see Democrats as promoters of evil, while Democrats see Republicans as oppressors of good, so they fight. 

But even if they don’t realize it, both sides really want the same thing–to do what’s good, and to stop evil forces. They not only think they are in the right; they also want to do what they believe is right. 

Being aware of this identicality in people’s motivations and way of thinking may not necessarily allow for automatic sympathy or forgiveness towards an opponent, but it can at least help opponents build an understanding of each other’s motivations. Perhaps such a tiny spark of mutual awareness may be just enough to stop such extreme incidents and move towards more constructive solutions.

America is a country of free speech. There is no ultimate judge; good and evil can be interpreted in different ways. What ultimately does matter is whether Americans can understand and accept that one’s own perception is just that–a perception, and not a hard truth.

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