Care To Dance?

5 reasons why you don’t need a date to Homecoming

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Care To Dance?

photo by Hannah Shiflett

photo by Hannah Shiflett

photo by Hannah Shiflett

Hannah Shiflett, Reporter

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With Homecoming just a few days away, many students seem to be in a wonderland as they finalize their wardrobes for “Midnight in Paris”. 

It’s a different story, however, for those who haven’t been asked. Girls question whether or not that guy from Chemistry is ever going to ask them, boys question if that girl they see in Math will say yes if they could merely muster the courage to ask — or, if you’re in the middle, like me, you don’t care if you get asked or not.

To all the boys who got denied, all the girls who never got asked, and those of us who are in the middle, I understand the pressure felt all around. So let me tell you this: There is a way around the whole having-a-date-to-the-Homecoming part. Yes, that’s right. You don’t need a date to Homecoming, and here’s why.

1. Homecoming isn’t about having a date.

Homecoming is not about whether or not your date is cute. Homecoming is about spending time and celebrating with your friends and classmates who witnessed your school’s football team’s win. Homecoming is a celebration for everyone, not just those with dates. 

2. You’ll learn more about yourself.

While you may think you’re not a “party person,” Homecoming might help you find something new about yourself. You might actually find out about a song that is really cool (I found out about a few EDM songs from my dance back in my freshman year). Plus, you’ll be able to see more of who you are and discover new aspects of your personality. Or, maybe you won’t, and that’s okay, too. It’s still an experience. 

3. You might find someone special. 

I’m not talking about finding the love of your life, but, then again, who knows? I’m talking about discovering who your friends are. You may find a new best friend, or talk to someone you’ve never talked before. Or, maybe that stranger you see all the time in the hallway might become a long-time friend.

4. You get to focus on yourself. 

You are first, second, and third when it comes to a dance. Homecoming is a once (well, quadruple that if you decide to go every year) in a lifetime experience. When you don’t have a date, you don’t need to worry about how you need to act around your date, and for once in your life, do something for yourself. I know, ladies, I know the struggle when you get yourself all pampered up and people question if you are trying to look good for someone. My response is, “I’m looking good for myself, because why not?” Don’t worry about anyone, just think about yourself and treat yourself to a night to remember.

5. You get to do the whole experience.

When you aren’t tied to a single person, you are able to bounce around. When you have a date but want to go dance with your friends, you may feel guilty about leaving them behind. That’s why you don’t need a date. Without a date, you get to do whatever you want and dance with whoever you want. You get to do you without someone restraining you — unless the two of you are dating, then that’s cool too.

If you decide to go with someone as a date, then have fun. But to all the ladies and gentlemen who don’t have a date, go anyway, because YOU are the ones who will be able to do what YOU want.