From Soap to Slushies


photo by Lexie Vincenty

Hailey Wachowiak, Reporter

RANT // Why was there no soap in the ladies restroom near the junior lockers? For days after the third day of school, the soap dispenser would provide nothing for our dirty hands. Because of this, some ladies had to resort to using the one in the stall. But what happens when someone is using that stall? We are forced to walk across the cafeteria and use the other one. Sometimes I see people not even washing their hands because of the lack of soap. Does the school expect us to supply our own soap now?

RAVE // Shoutout to the girl who put soap in the girls bathroom down stairs! Now that the soap is there, we can now clean our hands in peace. It is apple-spice scented and it currently rests on top of the hand soap dispenser which may or may not be full. Whoever this superhero is: thank you, and also, please refill, because we are running low on hand soap. 

RANT //  Why are we not allowed upstairs in the morning? I am currently a junior, and all my senior friends say that this is a new rule that they are extremely strict on. My first period class is on the third floor and I have to wrestle my way through all the kids clumped around the door waiting for the bell. It seems more dangerous for the students to all be walking up the stairs at the same time than for kids to sporadically make their way up. They allowed it at NAI last year and it allowed students to get to their first period class more efficiently.

RAVE // This school is super easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. Over the summer, I was a nervous wreck trying to figure out where my classes were going to be. Two of my friends explained how the halls work and it seems easier to navigate than NAI.

RANT // Why do people feel the need to walk up the stairs at the end of the day on the way out? Nothing is more infuriating than when you are trying to go home and the people walking up the stairs slow down the already extremely slow moving herd. When they do this, people have to move over, which causes other people to hit one another. I don’t understand why these people can’t just wait their turn when the stairway is clear!

RAVE // The Tiger Cafe is one of the best things that has happened at NA in a while, besides the coffee cart. If I ever have to stay after school I can always get a slushy. It brightens my day after school and it’s quicker than going to a gas station. Not to mention it is great for athletes who have practice right after school.