Hit Woman

The Girls' Volleyball Team hasn't lost a match since Anna Sprys was a sophomore

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Hit Woman

photo by Carli Leonard

photo by Carli Leonard

photo by Carli Leonard

Carli Leonard, Reporter

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Middle Hitter Anna Sprys, a member of the undefeated Girls’ Volleyball team, hopes to have another successful high school season before she embarks on her next four years in the classroom and on the court at Binghamton University. 

How young were you when you first started playing volleyball? What made you start?

I first started playing volleyball when I was 12 years old. I started playing because I was tall, and I was looking for a new sport to try out in middle school.

Do you play on any club teams or just the North Allegheny team?

I play for the North Allegheny team as well as for the club Revolution. I previously played for the club Pittsburgh Elite.

What keeps you motivated to get through the long and difficult practices?

My teammates honestly make every practice so much fun! The passion we all have for the sport makes every hard practice worth it with them by my side.

Girls’ volleyball won both the WPIAL and PIAA titles year.  Do you think you will be able to do it again this year?

We’re working for it! We will obviously have tougher competition coming as we get into playoffs, but I’m confident in our team. Nobody works harder than we do.

What makes this group of girls so successful?

Our team is so successful because the depth of talent we possess. We have a small roster, but everyone on the team contributes in a substantial way to make each other better. We face our toughest opponents in practice every day, and we all respect each other so much for that.

You are verbally committed to play Division 1 volleyball at Binghamton University. When did they first get in touch with you and when did you make the decision to verbally commit?

Binghamton first got in touch with me around April of my junior year. I made the decision to verbally commit after visiting in August.

What contributed to your decision to commit to Binghamton?

Binghamton has everything I was looking for in a college. I was given an offer that was hard to turn down, and everything worked out perfectly. I really enjoyed meeting the coaches over the summer, and I could easily picture myself spending the next four years there as a student-athlete.