Rants and Raves: Ripped Jeans Edition

Why Ripped Jeans are Awesome — and Why They’re Not

Ella Backauskas, Reporter


Expensive. For some crazy reason, people at popular clothing stores have to pay more money for less fabric. I find this infuriating. At Forever 21, a normal, non-ripped pair of jeans is anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars. A ripped pair can range from 40 to 60 dollars, and comes pre- distressed. I find this peculiar and annoying.

They’re COLD. In the summer, there’s nothing better than a solid pair of ripped jeans. The ventilation without the hassle of your legs rubbing together uncomfortably, a sad reality of wearing shorts, makes ripped jeans perfect for the summer. But for the fall and winter? I don’t get the craze. Why can ripped jeans not just be fashionable in the summer, not in the winter where any open skin is a target for harsh winds and snow?

The jokes. Anytime a student, myself included, has worn ripped jeans to school, there are the inevitable comments from teachers. Jokes such as “Need a needle and thread?” “Did you fall on your way to the bus?” and “Hey, looks like you need new jeans” need to stop. They’re not funny, and it calls unwanted attention to students just trying to live their life and not be called out in front of an entire class.



Ventilation. As already stated, ripped jeans in the summer are one of the best ideas and inventions ever. The ripped fabric provides ventilation for cooling without the unwanted annoyance of your legs rubbing together. Shorts, while ventilated, cause unwanted and unwarranted pain of the thighs.

Fashion. Ripped jeans are fashionable; there’s no denying. The super cool thing about ripped jeans being fashionable boils down to one aspect — they don’t need to be a specific brand. With many other clothing items and accessories, the brand is key. In the ripped jeans department, though, any brand goes. So, even though ripped jeans are more expensive than non-ripped jeans, you can save money by getting a more common brand than a designer one.

They can change your whole look. Want to go from girly and preppy to a little more casual and edgy? Swap out those light blue jeans with a pastel or otherwise feminine shirt with a pair of black ripped jeans — instantly edgier with a little more kick to the look. Change a skirt or pair of pants for a ripped pair of jeans, and boom. More casual, a little edgier, and a way cooler look than all matching and put together.