The Big Ask

A gallery of the different and creative ways girls all over the school asked boys to MORP this year

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  • Juniors Alex Evans and Jake Lugg will be hitting the dance floor after playing a game of Fortnite.

  • Senior Skylar Davidson's ask includes paper plates, a Sharpie, and an inside joke! She never made it to junior Spencer Lunt's NABA game, so what better way to make it up than to go to MORP together?

  • Seniors Shannon Kress and Aidan Mason "ore" going to have a great time February 16th.

  • Senior Mary Evankovich asked ice cream scooper Spencer Kohlmann with an ice cream pun.

  • On the night of a boys' swim meet, senior Katie Salzman asked junior Ricky Mihm with a sign and even a swimsuit and goggles!

  • Senior Jessica Long used "Hamilton" puns to ask Evan Diulus to the dance.

  • Isabella Narduzzi asked junior football player Luke Popelka with a sign that was sure to score points.

  • Junior Morgan Cima asked junior Luke Wood with a "beary" good pun!!

  • Juniors Kate Adams and Hannah Montross asked seniors Isaac West and Cam Medic to the dance with a winter theme.

  • Senior Logan Falk asked senior Drew Hunker by acknowledging that Emmett Gwaltney's birthday is, in fact, February 16th.

  • Senior Valerie Davis asked senior Nick Bridges right after the Pittsburgh Penguins' hockey game on January 28th.

  • Seniors Austen Skopov, Olivia Pietropola, and Paige Jones asked seniors Mike Egnaczyk, Walker Davidson, and Anthony Hattrup after the boys' basketball game against Central Catholic.

  • Junior Natalie Shoup asked senior Nico Ramirez by incorporating his favorite song on the poster.

  • Junior Mia Miller asked junior Domenic Calabrese by referencing one of their favorite movies "The Godfather". How could he refuse?

  • Seniors Madi Robertson and Gibby Hribal are planning to attend the dance, and will sure light up the dance floor together!

  • Juniors Hannah Shiflett and Brendan Werner cannot wait to go to the dance -- they consider their friendship as "Mega Awesome!"