Buy or Bye: Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day


Cassidy Kufner and Madi Robertson

Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day steal without wanting to make your wallet cry? The local Dollar Tree offers some great finds. Be careful, though, for there are often some one dollar busts that make their way into the Valentine’s section, too. Nevertheless, the store can be a perfect opportunity to score some affordable gifts.

Fake Flowers: BYE

Despite the promise of a love that won’t wither, by the time you buy enough of these individual flowers to make a bouquet, you may as well buy some real ones for a comparable price. They also carried an odd odor that most certainly smelled nothing like roses.



Pop-up Valentine’s Cards: BUY

At only $1, these cute cards with a pop-up design appear to be very quality and are usually much more expensive at other stores. A card from Hallmark would be at least $5 — honestly, this is a steal.




Russel Stover Chocolates: BUY

This assortment of chocolate is an adorable little add-on to any Valentine’s gift, as Russel Stover is widely liked. Be sure to check the expiration date, though.





“Love” Sign: BYE

While nice in theory, this sign was poorly constructed and had some obvious stains on it. This definitely isn’t the gift to have in mind when saying, “I love you,” to your Valentine.


Heart Shaped Flower Vase: BUY

These boldly colored vases are perfect for the fresh flowers you buy for your valentine!



Stuffed Animals: BUY

While these stuffed animals were on the smaller side, they were still really cute, and they are definitely worth a dollar! You can find anything from a cute, stuffed dog to a heart-eyed ladybug.