RANTS & RAVES: Spring Edition


photo by Rachel Morrell

Rachel Morrell, Junior Co-Editor


Now that the third 9 weeks are over, the wave of preparation for AP tests and finals has begun. Most teachers, if not already, have begun to discuss what the AP tests will be like and how to access the final study guide and other materials on Blackboard. The biggest annoyance is that all the finals are taken around the same time! I do appreciate how finals are scheduled so that they are mostly not on the same day, but trying to prepare for all of my classes takes a lot of preparation and stress. I cringe a bit inside every time I’m reminded of all the content going to be covered in some of these finals. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I cannot remember anything from the first 9 weeks. When I pull out my notes from the first semester, it looks like I wrote a whole novel. Time to gear up for some major studying.

I hate the rain. We are currently stuck in this weird weather transition between winter and spring, and all the clouds and dreary weather have really dimmed my motivation to work. Sure, we’ve had a few good sunny days, but they are always surrounded by days of strong wind and rain. I’m not looking forward to seeing tons of worms on my driveway or accidentally stepping in large puddles in the NASH parking lot. Another consequence of this wack weather is not knowing what to wear. If you’re like me, I’m very lazy and hate carrying around extra layers. If I wear a warm sweater for the cold mornings, by the end of the day, I am hot and uncomfortable. If I choose to dress for the warm weather, I practically freeze before I get into school. Come on, Mother Nature, choose a side, and stick with it!

Along with the wonderful weather and easy end to classes, spring time has another, well-known benefit: allergies! I absolutely love pollen — it is my best friend! I cannot wait to walk up to the tissue box in class and see that it is empty! The harmonious sounds of coughs, sniffles, and sneezes is music to my ears. I also really enjoy waking up with a sore throat and not being able eat much throughout the day. The “NASH Plague” is also an added bonus, making me question if I am actually sick or not. (In all seriousness, my compassion goes out to all those who, like me, suffer from severe spring allergies. Remember to carry cough drops and extra tissues in your backpack).



Even though the rain is depressing and gross, hope can be found when I remember how nice it feels outside when May and June come around. Distant memories of driving with the windows down and long walks with my dog keep my spirits barely lifted to get through the dark clouds. I cannot wait to see trees that are greener, flowers that are blooming, and the sun shining brighter than before. Hopefully once the weather lightens up, so will my attitude. My wardrobe is ready to be updated with fresh and cute spring styles and rid itself of heavy sweaters and jackets. For now, my math notebook doodles of flowers and smiling suns will have to get me by.

Another activity to look forward to is “spring cleaning.” Though my room right now may say otherwise, I love going through my old belongings and throwing away junk or donating things that can be reused. It’s also fun to reminisce on memories. Seeing a tidy room and how much you’ve cleared out is a rewarding experience. Spaces in your home look more open and much more desirable to be in. Do your family a favor and choose a room in your home to deep clean. Even if you don’t like cleaning, I can promise you that the rewards will be great.

Finals may seem daunting and scary, but the relief that is felt after taking the test, regardless of the grade achieved, can be wonderful. Once the test is done, it’s done, and it is ensured that only minor assignments or assessments will be on your to-do list. As the final test dates inch closer, so does the end of the school year, and for many seniors, new beginnings are on the horizon. Just a few more months of school and then a summer full of freedom! Stick with it, and keep on pushing through the hard work and preparation — summer is almost here.