Kreider & Company Take the Court

Next Thursday’s dodgeball tournament is sure to be one to remember as a new team joins the mix

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Kreider & Company Take the Court

photo by Ashley Boehmke

photo by Ashley Boehmke

photo by Ashley Boehmke

Carly DeArmit, Copy Editor

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With teams finalized and the courts being set up, NASH students are gearing up for perhaps the biggest showdown of the year: the 2019 Project Water Dodgeball Tournament. This year’s tournament marks the 5th anniversary of the annual fundraiser held every spring before the entire district heads off on spring break. Because of the slight change in date and snow make-up day upheaval, spring break will be cut short this year, and the 2019 Dodgeball Tournament will be held next Thursday, April 18th.  

But look out this year.  To commemorate the 5th year anniversary, another team has decided to join the mix. NASH Principal Dr. Kreider, Assistant Principals Mr. McGahee and Ms. McEwen, School Resource Officer Ray, Head Football Coach Mr. Walker, and School Counselors Mr. Smith and Mr. Thompson have decided to form their own dodgeball team and join in on the annual tournament.

Now, it’s a matter of who the kids try to take out first.  Do they go after who they think the weakest link is, or do they go after who they think the biggest threat is?”

— Mr. Thompson, School Counselor

“I am most looking forward to the opportunity to engage with students in a fun event outside of the typical day-to-day interactions we may have,” said Mr. Smith, school counselor in his first year at NA.

When asked who came up with the idea of this all-star administrative team, all fingers pointed to Officer Ray — who just happens to also be in his first year with the school.

“When Officer Ray approached me with the idea of getting a team together, I said yes,” Thompson said. “Then, we planned who we might want on the team.”

When sign-ups for the tournament began in March, students at both NAI and NASH rushed to find at least five friends and decide what color t-shirt they wanted to deck themselves out in. The stress was definitely prominent as arguments over team names filled the halls. Nevertheless, teams have now been finalized, and much of the student body and the administrative staff are gearing up for next Thursday’s big event.

“My expectations for the team are high,” said Smith. “I am a competitive individual and believe our team is prepared.”

The all-star admin/faculty team has been somewhat under wraps, as the school’s principals, counselors, coaches, and administrators have been preparing for the big event for a few months now.

“Now, it’s a matter of who the kids try to take out first,” Thompson added. “Do they go after who they think the weakest link is, or do they go after who they think the biggest threat is?”

This year will also mark the first year any principal has joined the tournament. While a few teachers have made teams at NAI and NASH in the past years, this year’s all-star administrative team is sure to bring out all the stops and maybe even introduce a few surprises.

“I’m really looking forward to the tournament,” Officer Ray said about his first experience with the annual dodgeball tournament. “We are going to have a lot of fun.”

As the team preps for the big day, they are trying to keep the the rules from the famous movie Dodgeball in mind: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!

Will Dr. Kreider & Company win the whole tournament, or will they fall short? Find out next Thursday, April 18th!