Protips: Spring Break

Protips: Spring Break

Rin Swann, Reporter

Spring break. The classical movie trope about teenagers going wild, the last hurrah before the school year ends, and the “best” time to travel and visit colleges. Or, if you are a North Allegheny Student this year, those four days without school to remind yourself why the Polar Vortex was a bad thing. Thanks to the snow days, we have a shorter break, a longer school year, and a lot more attitude about it. So, to help maximize your four days and get the best spring break experience, here is a definitive list of what you can do to get the best spring break experience possible.

Protip 1: If you get to go traveling, please, please, don’t advertise it.

We get it, your trip to Paris, or the beach, or Guam (if that’s a thing) is incredible. You want to post about it, to share how you’re #blessed and how this trip has changed your life for the better. One post is fine, even two. But if you spend the entire trip live-tweeting and posting twenty updates to your snap and insta stories, the people stuck at home can and will get mad at you.

Protip 2: Don’t just sleep.

For people at home or on trips, don’t waste your four days sleeping. School takes up a majority of your sleeping time, but sleeping will take up the majority of your break time. So if you sleep for twelve hours straight to try and reset your circadian rhythm, not only are you wasting what precious time you have to see friends, it also isn’t going to work. Bad news: you can’t get back the sleep you’ve lost to school so try not to oversleep. You’ll regret it when school returns.

Protip 3: At least try to get some sun.

The weather had been ridiculously lately, so if it’s 45 degree and cloudy, feel free to disregard this protip. But if you see even a scrap of sun, make use of it! We are all extremely Vitamin D deficient after the winter we’ve had, and even ten minutes of sunshine can help you feel happier and less tired.

Protip 4: Spring Break is not a movie trope. Don’t do stupid things.

Okay, this one should be obvious, but it needs to be said. Spring break is one of the biggest tropes in horror movies, in which stupid teenagers do stupid things and get killed (because they’re stupid). Don’t go into abandoned houses in the middle of the woods. Don’t invite all your friends to a beach house during a power outage. And please, please, don’t start playing with an Ouiji board. Because, again, that is just stupid.

Protip 5: Forget a “beach body” and just rock what you own.

C’mon, everyone gains a little extra winter fluff. There’s no shame in rocking that swimsuit, or those shorts, or that tank top. Most people are never going to notice and, realistically, you are far more harsh on yourself than anyone else is ever going to be. So eat a few more cupcakes if you want or skip gym day if all you’re worried about is a “perfect beach body.” Because as long as you have a body, it is perfect.

Protip 6: Get an ice cream cone.

Spring has sprung and if you haven’t already had some of everyone’s favorite sweet treat then, really, what are you doing at this point? We are lucky enough to have a class president you got us discounts to Brusters (yes, shameless plug) so USE THEM. Nothing makes warm weather better than an ice cream cone to remind you of what summer is all about.

And finally, Protip 7: Meet up with your loved ones.

Most of us will already have plans to do so, but for those that don’t, make an effort. For some of us, this marks our last ever spring break in high school and there is no excuse for not using that time to see the people you love. Because, juniors or seniors, you’ll be leaving soon enough. And there is no better time than now to take my advice and have a good time.