Written in the Stars // May

The zodiacs are finally here for the Taurus season


graphic by Lexie Vincenty

Lexie Vincenty and Abby Birch

TAURUS [april 20 to may 20] // Congratulations, and welcome to your birthday season, Taurus! An abundant amount of energy is coming your way, but with that, the universe is sending mixed signals this entire month. There are some things that you can go ahead and proceed without question, and the other half of things you need to take some precaution. Just follow your own, pure intuition [don’t spend all of your money at once either], and it will all fall into place for you. And by the way, this is your birthday month, so don’t be afraid to get out there and enjoy yourself a bit! You’re definitely one of the more lively signs, so wherever you decide to go for your birthday, you’re sure to have a crowd following behind you. Like we tell all the other signs during their time of the year, let loose and treat yourself — you deserve it!


GEMINI [may 21 to june 20] // It’s almost your time, Gemini — which means, summer, sunshine, and SUMMER. Try to stay patient during this season because it’s Taurus’ time to shine right now. Hey, at least you’re super social right now! But like any time, you’re very social, so be aware of your actions and who you’re telling some things to. You might get a bit carried away and go on and on, and the next thing you know, you’re falling for someone new. We get it more than anyone. It’s almost summer, you’re about to get out of school, and it’s going to be nothing but sun for the next three months — until you’re back in school again, of course. But there’s no need to think about that now. Right now, it’s about living it up to the fullest while your sun is out and about. It’s almost time, Gemini . . . summer is coming.


CANCER [june 21 to july 22] // Cancer, honestly, this is an awesome time of year for you, and we have absolutely no idea why. Usually, it doesn’t go this well for you. It usually starts with you complaining and ends with you crying. But not this time! So kudos to you, I guess. Your social circle is going to start to expand just in time for the summer season, so you’ll have lots of new friends in time for summer. Don’t let any of those other annoying signs get you down. Even if you meet just one new person, you’re for sure going to invite them in and treat them exactly like family because you have the habit of doing just that. This is a very unpredictable time for all of the signs as the summer solstice arrives, but just take every day one step at a time.


LEO [july 23 to aug 22] // Don’t call it a comeback, Leos! Well, I guess that is exactly what you did. Your expectations for April were pretty bad to be frank, but oh man, what a month you had. Maybe it was because of Aries season or because you said enough was enough and finally got back into your groove. This Taurus season, you will see an increase in your social life and recognition but a decrease in productivity. Remember to have fun because no other sign deserves it more than you right now, but don’t fall behind on school work. You tend to slack off in May and procrastinate, then crash into a full-on panic during finals week. Don’t let that happen this year! Keep up with all the work your teachers are piling on because they realized how little time is left in the year and sail right into finals week. Then once that last final is done, let your Leo-ing begin! Keep the phrase ‘work hard, play harder’ in mind this month. All the signs are happy you are feeling better, even though you are annoying everyone more than Aries!


VIRGO [aug 23 to sept 22] // Virgo, this is an amazing time of year for you, not going to lie. Not only is the stress of school about to be lifted soon, but this is a great time for you to sit back and focus because something big is coming your way. Whether you blow up on Twitter, publish a book, or get that new job, it could be anything good! The new upcoming season next month means a lot of new changes for you, so don’t get so down and out just yet. During this, processing your emotions might take a large toll on both yourself and your already messed up sleep schedule, so don’t let yourself get into that funk — because we all know that’s a Gemini’s job when a minor inconvenience comes their way — it’s basically like flipping a coin. This is also a good time of year for you to meet that someone new [if you know what we mean], but you might want to avoid that if you’re a senior. After all, you’re leaving for college in a mere three months. But whatever comes your way this Taurus season, good luck, and we know you’ll make the most out of whatever it may be!


LIBRA [sept 23 to oct 22] // We sense a lot of fluctuation this month, Libra, and we’re kind of concerned . . . are you feeling alright? Look, we understand not everyone can have a good day, but man, if you don’t do something right this month, you’re just going to be a straight-up cry baby. Try not to go down that path if something comes up because I can guarantee no one wants to deal with that whatsoever. Like Gemini and Aquarius, you’re an air sign, which means your communication skills are supposed to be superb. Don’t let that be thrown in the trash now! What we’re trying to say is try not to be miserable all the time, but if you’re feeling a bit down, don’t ignore those emotions either because we all know you can be a very emotional human being. Besides all that, the glass is half full, and it’s going to be a great season, despite how many times you might complain, Libra.


SCORPIO [oct 23 to nov 21] // It’s time for your full moon, Scorpio! Yay! Your self-esteem is going to flourish during this time of the year, but don’t get on top of your high horse because you might not like the outcome. Also, since people are in such a terrible mood most days, don’t force yourself to try and talk to them. It might not work out too well. Oh, and another thing, stay out of the way of drama, please? Would you? Everyone is especially tense this season, but for some reason, you aren’t, and we have no idea why. A lot of crazy things are going on this season, that’s for sure. We know it’s really rare that this side of you comes out, so enjoy it while it’s here. No one really knows how long it’s going to last either, so best of luck when it starts to disappear.   


SAGITTARIUS [nov 22 to dec 21] // After a whirlwind Aries season, Taurus season is a time for you to focus on your routine and get a well-rounded schedule pumped out, Sagittarius. By just glancing at your upcoming events, you have turned into an Aries that actually finishes tasks and doesn’t annoy everyone. You and your two fire sign counterparts are, well, on fire this month. Last month ignited the three of you, turning you all into unstoppable forces of pure energy and determination. Unfortunately for you, you are the “middle child” of the fire signs. So while Leos are a force not to be tangled with and everyone is scared to have any interactions with Aries, you kind of get the butt-end of this months energy. That’s not to say you won’t have a good month, just that you will have more communication problems than the rest. No big deal, Sagittarius, just keep that in mind this month.  


CAPRICORN [dec 22 to jan 19] // Congratulations, Capricorn! You made it to Taurus season. This will be an excellent month for you! So many events and so much organization! Everything seems to come together for you and in the exact way you want it. Though you have so much going on this month, you have done so well planning and getting ready for this last full month of school that you are going to be able to sail right to June 6th. Honestly, this could be the best month you have all year, besides your own. Everything’s coming together for a perfect storm of all things good! Your time will be divided up perfectly between being busy and being lazy. Enjoy this next month, Capricorns! You deserve it!


AQUARIUS [jan 20 to feb 18] // Hmm, Aquarius. This might not be your month. Sorry, just saying so that you don’t get too hopeful. Taurus season is a little rough for you, and it’s hard to say exactly why. The change from Aries season to Taurus season is a big one for you, and it can be very hard to adjust. This month will make you feel as though you are speaking English, and everyone around is speaking Aurebesh, which can be really frustrating! But don’t let this frustration consume you. All the signs have some crappy months from time to time, so everyone is willing to help. We all give you a hard time, but we all care about you. Do not let this month consume you. Better times are on the way! There is only one month of school left. Once you push through that, you will be home free. So don’t drown in this month, Aquarius! Remember everyone else has your back!


PISCES [feb 19 to mar 20] // Wow, Pisces! All the signs can’t believe you are still around! We all thought you had spontaneously combusted during Aries season.  I mean, you missed school, didn’t answer any text, and hardly left your house. All the signs were getting a little worried, but it was just because you were terrified to get set on fire due to some Aries existing. I mean, we get it, it was Aries season, but come on. Your behavior was a bit much, Pisces. And if you thought it would get any better during Taurus season, well I have some bad news for you. While all the Aries are sort of taking a little “break” this month, Leos are back. Oh, you haven’t heard? Yeah, because you didn’t you look at your phone, stupid! So if you thought you would get a nice ease back into society, think again.     


ARIES [mar 21 to april 19] // Well, we did it everyone. We made it though Aries season! Barely. Aries, you did the impossible. You somehow managed to be even more annoying than you usually are during your season. Honestly, annoying is not the correct word. It should be more like insane, sporadic, way too much. You tornado-ed all around everything and sent people, animals, and objects flying. You somehow started fires with inflammable objects and maybe did a total of one homework assignment but still got an A on every test you took. How? You shouldn’t be allowed, Aries. Though you were absolutely insane for 29 days, there was one thing your season managed to do. You pulled all your Leo friends out of whatever they were stuck in. You were able to stop for a few seconds every day and be cool and really helped those losers out. Good job! Please don’t let that go to your head. All of us really need Taurus season to recover from you. Please just stop things on fire for 30 days, then you can go back to being a tornado.