A Salty Summer to Remember

You'll want to make sure you add these guys to your summer playlist


photo by Carissa Ackison

Carissa Ackison, Reporter


Sometime last year, I was invited to see a band I have never heard of with a friend; of course, I said yes, mainly so I could spend some more time with her before she moved away. The band she wanted to see was small and played as an opener for whoever was the main gig. At first, I didn’t really expect much, but when the group started playing, I was blown away. Summer Salt is their name, and they are one of the most calming groups I’ve ever listened to.

Their music gives you the feeling of when you’re walking on an empty beach with your shoes in your hands and a salt water smell in the air or when you’re huddled next to a fire roasting marshmallows and the crackling of the wood goes hand in hand with the bowls of the wind. Talk about summer vibes, am I right? The vocals, guitar, and drums all blend together to make an aroma of sounds that I didn’t think was possible.

Because of the feelings they are able to produce in you and the uniqueness of their sound, it’s difficult to compare them to any other musicians off the top of my head, and I know of quite a bit. According to the description of the group on Spotify, “Self-deemed ‘coral reef rock’, Summer Salt delivers a retro blend of bossa nova and 60’s oldies pop.”

For a less detailed description of their sound, just think “summer”.

Their top song at the moment, according to Spotify, is Candy Wrappers. I absolutely recommend starting off with that one if you want a good feel as to what Summer Salt has to offer for you; Driving to Hawaii is another good starter and is absolute butter on your ears. While all of their songs are soothing, each still have their own personality and fit into different categories of moods. While I’m not musically knowledgeable, I know when something sounds good, and this group isn’t something you want to skip out on.

As crazy as it may sound, Summer Salt has helped me through some tough times, especially the times involving my anxiety. Their music has never failed to put me in a better mood and better state of thinking, and I feel as though everyone could benefit from them if they just took a little bit of their time to listen.

Even if you aren’t needing to feel better, Summer Salt has the perfect summer vibes to just relax and listen to, so try checking them out and see if they’ve got the right vibe for you.