Rants & Raves: Friday Night Edition

From Mob Scenes to Monte Cello's


photo by Jonathan Ross

Nothing compares to the thrill of a Friday night under the lights, even when you're in the stands.

Lily Courville, Staff Writer



One of the worst parts about living in Pittsburgh is the not-so-great weather: rain, snow, sleet, and most prevalently, freezing temperatures. These cold temperatures also come early in the year, and sometimes it feels like we skip right from summer to winter. Sadly, this happens super early here, practically at the end of September. For the first few games, it’s blisteringly hot outside, but the majority occur in much colder weather, and standing outside in 40 degree weather isn’t an ideal condition. 

One of the most torturous parts of the Friday night football games is standing on the bleachers for what feels like years on end. Yes, I’m a student-athlete who probably shouldn’t get tired after standing for a few hours, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that my legs are pretty sore by the end of every football game. We thankfully get to sit at half time, but these ten minutes of tranquility are but a temporary fix for the soreness and pain. Call me weak, but I feel pretty exhausted after standing all night.

And for my final rant, I present to you: the crowding. At each and every NA game, the student section is practically packed to the brim, especially at the first game of the year and the game of Homecoming weekend. I love to see all the NA students come together to support our football team, but recently I’ve been wondering if the student section needs to be expanded. Students pack into the bleachers like sardines, and people end up standing facing sideways just to squeeze more people in. It’s pretty ridiculous, considering you can’t even watch the game if you’re facing sideways. The worst of it is when everyone keeps pushing forwards, so the front half of the student section is oversaturated with people and the back half is pretty much empty, discounting the random underclassmen scattered around. Come on, people, let’s use our space efficiently!


One of my favorite things about attending our Friday night football games is the social aspect. Yes, we’re all here to watch the game, but it’s also fun to socialize with friends. Our school is so huge that you can meet someone new at every game. These games offer a great opportunity to connect with peers, meet new people, and have a fun night with your best friends.

Technically, Monte Cello’s isn’t directly related to NA football games, but it’s known as an essential post-game snack to every NA student. Before and after the game, students flock to the nearby restaurant to enjoy pizza, drinks, and, of course, Conley cookies. My friends and I plan to keep our tradition of going to Monte Cello’s after every single game. The convenient location, great food, and welcoming service can’t be beaten.

Perhaps the best part of North Allegheny football games is the atmosphere of the student section. The whole student community — from all different groups, sports, and clubs — join forces to cheer for our Tigers. It’s a beautiful sight to see a very diverse group of students come together in one place to support our football team. It fills me with so much happiness and I feel so grateful to go to such an awesome school when I see everyone gathering together to show our tiger pride.