What’s in Your Ear?

An assortment of personal Spotify playlists made from students here at NASH


photo by Meg Rees

A person’s playlist can be a window into their soul.

Sofia Brickner, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: Spotify is blocked from student accounts but should be available for access at home.


“This one has songs on it that I listen to when I’m driving or doing homework. I don’t know exactly why I like it. I guess it just has a little bit of everything on it.” – Olivia Kisow


“I love this playlist because my brother and I listen to it on roadtrips, so whenever I miss him I just listen to it. Additionally it also serves as a nice playlist for when I’m doing homework or just want to chill out.” – Paige Branagan


“I make new playlists for every month, so this one is my September playlist and it’s by far one of my favorites from this year. I listen to it when I do my homework and when I’m getting ready in the morning to get me excited for the day.” – Almira Kusuma


“I listen to it in the morning because it’s slow and I’m barely awake and need to slowly wake up. They are also songs you can relate to.” – Julia Koma


“I made this playlist to encompass what I wanted or thought senior year would be like. I wanted to put some high school musical 3 on there because it’s their senior year so why not. I listen to this almost all the time now because I think this is the best playlist I’ve made to date.” – Meghan Hendricks


“It’s about an emotional journey, it’s my go to playlist, and the songs are chill.” – Dev Kartan


“I listen to it when I’m doing homework or when I’m kind of stressed out. It just makes me more calm and gives me something to focus on.” – Anna Partridge


“I made this playlist for car rides when I got my license. Now I play it when I want to remember last May.” – Charlie Dieble