So, You Think You’re a High School Student?


Natalie Mudd, Staff Writer

Sure, you’re in high school.  But how much of a typical high student are you really?  Keep score below to see where you rank!

  • Rolled out of bed at 6:57 AM, got dressed in two minutes flat, and still managed to get to school on time
  • Started your three hours of homework at 10 PM
  • Written an entire paper the night before it was due
  • Remembered a quiz or homework due in your next period and frantically crammed the whole rest of the period
  • Memorized every poster, paper, and decoration in the classroom by looking around in daily boredom
  • Finished an entire project in class because you don’t feel like having it for homework
  • Taken an entire class period of notes and still had no idea what you just learned
  • Furiously tried to type/copy what the teacher was saying as they talked too fast and been embarrassed when you realized your hand actually hurts from all that
  • Been forced to take a test in literally every single class on the exact same day
  • Eaten a snack the period before or after lunch because you’re hungry at that exact moment; you just can’t wait
  • Crammed an entire chapter of information in during your lunch period
  • Attempted to pass an English test on a book you only SparkNoted or skimmed the night before
  • Accepted your fate and did not even try to study
  • Sprinted out of the school at the end of the day to try to beat the traffic
  • Made the executive decision to be slightly late to school in order to stop and get coffee or food
  • Taken two or more naps in a single afternoon once you got home
  • Taken a nap after school that was so long you might as well have stayed asleep (what homework?)
  • Worn sweatpants and/or sweatshirt for a solid five days in a row
  • Complained the entire way up the numerous amounts of stairs and had to pause on the landings in between to catch your breath
  • Eaten the nutritious meal of one container of fries and an energy drink
  • Performed at least five wardrobe changes a day because of the extreme conditions that change across the school
  • Dripped either sweat or pool water all the way to your next class
  • Climbed four towering stories from the gym locker room to your next class, and taken a well-deserved break after every flight
  • Taken a wrong turn and ended up in an alternate dimension with absolutely no idea where you are (and turn up late to class because you had to walk the entire school to get to where you needed to be)
  • Daydreamed in class only to tune in and realize you missed essential information that was critical to pretty much passing the entire class
  • Forgetting to charge your laptop and then being forced to sit in the very far back corner all by yourself to reach the outlet
  • Left something in your car and been angry all day about how close yet so far the object is
  • Succumbed to momentary amnesia and completely forgot your locker combination
  • Put in a previous locker combination that you haven’t used in more than a year for some strange reason
  • Saw someone you know all the way down the empty hallway and had to awkwardly pretend you don’t keep checking how close you are to them and when you finally reach a socially acceptable distance to say hello
  • Realized you don’t know the name of a kid you have every class with
  • Completely forgotten the name of someone you have known since elementary school
  • Seen someone that you forgot existed because you haven’t seen them in, like, five years in the hallway
  • Fought for a singular fraction of a point because your grade needed it
  • Drank enough coffee to feel your body shaking as the caffeine-to-blood ratio increases exponentially


1-10: Are you sure you’re in the right place?  You’re barely a high school student.

11-20: Not bad, but you’re hardly trying.

21-30: With a little more effort, you could turn out to be typical.

31-35: Congratulations, you are officially a typical high school student!