The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that can really make one's day.


photo by Betul Tuncer

Betul Tuncer, Assignment Editor

A string of green lights, free donuts, wearing sweatpants to school. These are all things that seem quite trivial, yet on rare occasions, they seem to ignite a spark of joy within us. As human beings, we often overlook the little things in life and always fixate upon the future. We spend our daily lives stressing over tests, homework, and how we answered a question wrong in class so much that we barely find time to appreciate the wonders around us. Here are some simple things that students at NASH find joyful. 


“When I have no homework so I can lie down and watch Netflix.” -Kyle Davies 


“Food, literally desserts.” -Casey Burton


“Talking to my sister on FaceTime.” -Anna Betler


“Teachers not picking on me in class.” -Saranya Muthumula 


“Securing the bag…when I get my paycheck.” -Omer Tuncer


“Hanging out with friends.” -Nate Stetson 


“Listening to and making music.” -George Ivory


“When people make me laugh and smile.” Giulia Brancato 


“Running in a track race.” -Kate Dunaway 


“Playing soccer.” -Hannah Kirkpatrick 


“Just a simple compliment is enough to make my day.” -Emily Thompson


“Anything that can make me laugh.” -Leela Pinnamaraju 


“Seeing the American flag.” – Aedan Ayers


“Playing Fortnite with my friends.” – Coleman Schomaker


“Playing baseball.” – Sulaman Rajput


“Whenever I play or listen to music.” -Wes Smokovich


“Hearing nice compliments.” – Jill Williams 


“Playing sports.” – Nathen Hoke


“Being able to see my friends everyday.”– Josh Humbhries


“A nice summer day.” -Kensly Owens 


“Personally, complex things make me happy.” -Alex Mal