To Infinity and Beyond

The arrival of senior class t-shirts has met with rave reviews


photo by Julia Poppa

Megan Wilson, Staff Writer

As we reach the halfway point of the year, graduation is already on the minds of the senior class. And there’s no surer sign than the senior t-shirts that can be seen in the hallways with increasing frequency.

The seniors last year sported the Friends’ logo that was changed to say “Seniors” with the class of 2019 names on the back. This year’s class has selected a Toy Story theme.

“I started the process this summer by looking at various shirt vendors to determine who would be the best fit for our school,” Senior Class Co-Sponsor Shanon Perry said.  “We like to include each of the senior’s names on the back of the shirts and this can be a real headache for the shirt designers since we have classes that are typically over 600 students.  I went with a company that had a lot of experience doing these types of long rosters on their shirts”.

Perry had a lot of help from the class officers who worked hard to find a design they loved for the T-shirts, and she held the group to a high standard.

With an inspiring message on the front, all the names of our peers on the back, and fond memories evoked, I am sure the comfy shirt will be a hit.”

— Jaime Martinez, Class President

“This year’s officers had several ideas and definitely some artistic talent, so it was an easier process than normal,” Perry said. “They narrowed the options down to about five, one month into their election and then they voted on the design.  The majority chose Toy Story for the design concept and it was unanimous on the black long-sleeved t-shirt.”

The shirts are now a tradition at NASH.  Each year the Student Council officers think of a design and sell the shirts to the students at a low price.

“Each year there is a design put out,” Class President Jaime Martinez said. “Some are hit-and-miss, but one design that stood out was last year’s, which was a Friends-themed senior shirt. We’ve been trying to highlight pop culture moments in recent years.”

A throwback to the graduating class’s childhood, the shirts offer a hint of North Allegheny in the black shirt with gold and white lettering.

Toy Story has been a movie series we grew up with; it’s left an indelible mark on our childhood,” Martinez added. “The plot of the movie also speaks a bit to our collective high school experience a story of friendship and growth. With an inspiring message on the front, all the names of our peers on the back, and fond memories evoked, I am sure the comfy shirt will be a hit.”

Perry is also pleased with the final product.

“I think they are a great keepsake and a fun way to start celebrating the end of one chapter of your life before another is about to begin,” she said. “I would definitely get yours before they are gone!”

Senior shirts are on sale at $15 cash or check payable to NASH while supplies last in room 313 during homeroom and after school.