Wacky National Holidays – January

Megan Wilson and Abby Pingpank

January 4th: National Spaghetti Day  

This is the day to gain all the carbs you can, stuff your face with tons and tons of noodle goodness, and drown your spaghetti in a whole bunch of sauce or cheese. You can’t forget the delicious garlic bread on the side and you might have to have to dip it into the sauce. 

January 5th: National Whipped Cream Day 

Whipped cream is the most popular ice cream topping. Who could go wrong with whipped cream? Today is the day to eat as much as you want. Who doesn’t want an excuse to eat some ice cream, maybe with some sprinkles, and top it off with tons of whipped cream? 

January 6th: National Cuddle Up Day 

This is the day to finally work up enough courage to ask your crush to cuddle with you. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with their crush and watch movies? If the crush thing does not work out, you could always cuddle with your dog or your cat. (We don’t judge those who are cat lovers.)

January 8th: National Bubble Bath Day

After a stressful day, there are only a few things that can relieve stress, so start up the hot water and grab the bath bombs. This is the best way to take some time for yourself and get away from all the problems and stress in your life. 

 January 13th: National Rubber Ducky Day 

We know you just took a bath 5 days ago, but it’s time to hop back in and invite all your rubber duckies! Relax once again with the added bonus of a rubbery floating friend. 

 January 14th: National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Your pets may not love it, but they will look really cute. Dress your pet in any outfit or costume you want. A bumblebee, Santa Claus, a hot dog, you name it! Make your furry friend even cuter by dressing them up today. 

 January 16th: National Nothing Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t want to do anything? This is the day to let yourself give in! If you had anything to get done, get it done the day before the 15th or the 17th because this is not a day to be productive. 

 January 18th: National Use Your Gift Card Day

About two weeks after Christmas comes a day to go out and spend all of the gift cards you got over the holidays! Try to catch all the sales and buy yourself a bunch of gifts!

January 19th: National Popcorn Day 

POP POP POP! That is the sound you will be hearing all day on the 19th. Grab your friends for a movie night and make a ton of popcorn to enjoy. You could even have a contest for who can catch the most in their mouth! 

 January 21st: National Hugging Day

You have another chance this month to work up enough courage to give your crush a hug. Just make sure you don’t forget to give all of your loved ones a hug to show just how much you care about them. 

 January 24th: National Peanut Butter Day

Reese’s, cookies, or even straight from the jar. Eat up that peanut buttery goodness any way you want and enjoy all the good peanut butter snacks you can get your hands on! 

January 27th: National Chocolate Cake Day

Who doesn’t love everything chocolate? Especially chocolate cake. Have fun by baking a delicious cake with your friends and then dig in!

 January 28th: National Blueberry Pancake Day

The best breakfast food out there: pancakes. You can add so many different toppings, but this is the day to show blueberries a little bit of love. Enjoy a day full of flipping fun!

 January 31st: National Hot Chocolate Day

Hot chocolate is the most popular winter drink for any age. Grab some hot cocoa, marshmallows, and whipped cream. Everyone needs something to warm them up during the cold winter!