Viral Vocals

Even after his long school days, junior Faiz Iqbal still finds time to be a musical TikTok sensation.


photo by Julia Poppa

Lucie Flagg, Staff Writer

Many teens of this generation are a part of the newest social media craze, TikTok. Junior Faiz Iqbal, however, has made a life out of it. Iqbal has become quite popular in recent months due to his singing videos on the app. He has acquired over 115,000 fans on TikTok since he first downloaded it in August of 2019. He was generous enough to chat with The Uproar to answer some questions about his social media endeavors.

What made you decide to first download TikTok in the beginning?

I actually downloaded TikTok as a joke and because I had nothing to do in my free time. I also was told by my friends that it was a very entertaining app, so I thought, “why not?”

What inspired you to make your first TikTok video?

I saw so many people posting videos of their singing. I decided that, if they could do it, then so could I.

What types of videos do you like to make?

I make singing videos, and other music related stuff. In addition to those things, I sometimes try my best to be funny.

What has been your most successful video so far?

I posted a video in December where I imitated the different types of singers in the choir. Most of my videos are of me messing around and having fun, and this video was like that.

Why do you think people like your videos so much?

I have received a lot of comments saying that my viewers can relate to my videos. Specifically, my followers have seemed to like the series of videos on my account where I imitate the different singers in chorus class. 

Who are your favorite TikTokers?

My favorite TikTokers are @tmecs and @its_mads16 because they are really talented and funny.

What has been the biggest challenge since finding popularity?

I get a lot of backlash for the content I’ve created. Since I am putting myself out into the world, there have been some weird people who have tried to contact me, in some cases grown adults. Putting myself out there was very scary at first, but I’m starting to learn how to manage.

How have you learned to manage school, TikTok, and life?

Managing my time has been the biggest struggle since joining TikTok. Some days I just want to sit on my phone for hours at a time, but I have to stop myself, put my phone down, and focus on my schoolwork because my grades are my priority right now.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My biggest supporters are my friends. In fact, sometimes they even give me ideas for my videos.

Where do you see yourself a year from now, in terms of TikTok?

Honestly, I have no idea what the future holds for my account, but I plan on keeping the music theme going and just having a good time.

Do you have any advice for people interested in starting their own TikTok account?

Post videos that you like and that you want to post, not what you think others would want.