A Snow Day in the Life

The first snow day of the year gave students an early jump on the weekend, if only they could get out of bed at a reasonable hour.


photo by D. Crickets


Anannya Pushkarna: I’ll be spending my day with some hot chocolate in my warm, cozy bed, finishing my homework from yesterday. I’ll soon be compelled to pick up my phone and scroll through Instagram, and there goes my day.

Izzy Seminatore: I’m probably going to spend the day with my mom, watching movies and sipping some hot cocoa. It warms the stomach and the heart!

Gabby Parker: I am spending the snow day watching Grey’s Anatomy and TikToks in my bed. I also plan to play with my dog in the snow.

Sami Ky: I’m spending my snow day watching Netflix, doing laundry, and catching up on the school work I’ve procrastinated on.

Chase Davidson: So… I woke up this morning feverishly hoping for a snow day, and right when I found out we were having one, I slept for another hour (which was blissful). I plan on releasing my inner Frozen by sledding or potentially making my own Olaf! Lastly, I have the privilege of taking the beloved ACT tomorrow, so I am going to procrastinate until the very end of the day to brush up on some things.

Saranya Muthumula: I started my day by waking up really late and having a nice cup of hot chocolate. I didn’t make any major plans for today, so I decided to finish the show I’ve been watching on Netflix and baking some cookies.

Rina Tu: I woke up at 6 AM, found out we had a 2-hour delay, and went straight back to bed. I woke up again at 9 AM and proceeded to mildly freak out due to the fact that I thought I’d be late to school even on a 2-hour delay day. But I found out we had a snow day today, so now I am much less stressed and working on bio and calc and I’m probably going to go shovel the driveway and go spelunking in the snow later.

Luke Wood: I’m recording a song in my home studio and watching golf. I might even find some time to do a few calculus problems.

Steven Reybein: I’m sitting next to a heater watching the snow outside.

Alex Hladio: I’m just having a chill day with my family. I made everyone pancakes and then we all sat down to play some board games.

Peter Lawless: My brother and I tried to build a snowman. After a failed attempt, I went out with some buds for a nice breakfast.

Coco DelVecchio: I am going skiing in Peek’n Peak, New York for my friend’s birthday! We were going to leave right after school, but thankfully we have the whole morning to relax and get things ready now.

Auds Allen: I’m lying in bed hoping that Ms. Volpe cancels the tournament so I can go sledding with my boyfriend and maybe some other friends. My mom made butterscotch oatmeal, and I’m watching my dog happily prance around in the snow.

Vincent Raitt: I’m going to keep telling myself I’m going to get started on my homework for the weekend and then never actually start.

Maddie Vrotney: I’m just building a puzzle while watching Marvel movies.

Annie Lynch: I’m going to the gym to get huge and then treating myself to a hot chocolate from Starbucks. Then, if the roads aren’t too bad, I’ll go to the mall and maybe even do some sledding!

Jill Senrud: I’m planning to spend my day off in bed away from the world and the cold. I am currently very sick, so I’m really glad we have a snow day because I would have probably had to miss school anyway. The snow was my saving grace!

Hailey Wachowiak: I am going to stay in my room under the covers, binge-watching Shameless on Netflix until I have to get ready for indoor field hockey practice at 5:00. Other than that, I have no reason to move from the warmth of my comforter cocoon.

Jonathan Partridge: After watching movies and playing Xbox all afternoon, I plan to go to the mall and shop around a bit. Later, I’m going downtown to eat near Stage AE and walk to the Point. When I get home tonight, I’ll probably just catch up on all my shows.

photo edited by Maria Cima

Réka Götz: Today I woke up super late and caught up on some (much needed!) sleep! I’m using my extra day off to prepare for next week’s piano recital and work on my art portfolio for college. However, the snow day has also blessed me with the opportunity to go to Costco with my mom and grandma, so I’m fully anticipating a warm churro in my future!

Julia Moose: I went to bed at 3 AM last night. Could I have been asleep at 1? Yes. But I just had a feeling that God was gonna pull through, so I said, “Let’s watch TikToks for 2 hours and pray this doesn’t backfire.”

Jenna Brandt: I woke up this morning and saw the sunlight and thought, “Well, I guess I’m skipping today” before I realized it was a snow day. Then I made pancakes and actually ate breakfast for the first time all year.

Margret Fenton: I slept in really late and now I plan on sitting in my pj’s playing sims and drinking coffee until I can’t move anymore or it is time for me to leave, whichever one comes first.

Mike Bruzinski: I slept in until 11 and then went outside and played in the snow with both my dogs as my cats watched. After that, I sat on my couch to watch Spongebob and don’t plan on moving for the rest of the day.

Emma Sieminski: I woke up at the normal time, immediately checked the North Allegheny website, and was overjoyed to see there was a snow day! I’ve spent my time watching Disney movies and hanging out with my cat, Oliver. All my homework can wait until Sunday!

Brayden Yan: I was glad to find out that school was off today, but then I noticed an email from Ms. Volpe titled ‘THERE ARE NO SNOW DAYS IN AP CALCULUS!!!’ with a bunch of homework problems. Oh well. So other than that, I think I’ll just kick back, relax, and play me some video games.

Meredith Blough: Every weekend I have to do a specific set of chores before I’m allowed to go out, and usually I’ll do them on Saturday, but since we have today off I’m doing them now so I have Saturday completely free! If the roads clear up enough so I can drive, I’m going to hang with some friends tonight as well.

Katrina Evancho: I slept in until 10:30 and I plan to stay in sweatpants and a sweatshirt for the rest of the day. I’m gonna practice piano and finish the last season of Breaking Bad.

Emma Meyhofer: I woke up and watched TikToks and then The Notebook on Netflix. I’m going to go to Costco and then the mall.

Leigh Ivory: I’m going to go sledding with my sister and then I’m taking some pictures for photography.

Dev Kartan: I plan to possibly do a little bit of work, draw some stuff on my chalkboard, and creative write a bit. I also might finish up a game, listen to tons of music on Spotify, and eat some good food.

Morgan Cima: I am catching up on some much-needed sleep. After that, I might watch some movies with a cozy blanket on the couch.

Marvel Moniaga: I’m caressing my keyboard with a lukewarm bottle of life water, carelessly wasting my time observing a computer screen with a couple of lads. My day started with a phone call around the break of dawn when an announcement breached my ear. The phone stated, North Allegheny School District is closed. I was overjoyed, which brought me to this statement today.

Shejuti Wahed: I’m still spending the day attending a debate tournament, because the debate grind never ends.

Bryn Hornyak: I plan going outside to play in the snow like a five-year-old. Then, I’ll lay on the couch with a fuzzy blanket by the fire.

Laura Vinski: I just woke up at 11:30, so I’ve been sleeping a lot. There’s still musical this afternoon, but other than that, I’m staying in and watching Netflix all day.

Chloe Winkworth: Today, I went to the college fair, and I’m going to go on a run, too. Later, I’m playing in a lacrosse tournament tonight!

Ashley Solenday: I plan on attempting to study for the ACT tomorrow, but I’ll probably get distracted. I’ll hang out with my friends later this afternoon and go play in the snow.

Jenna Brandt: I’m packing today because I’m leaving for Penn State’s accepted students’ day tomorrow!

Nishka Edlabadkar: I’m trying to finish up my homework for the weekend so I can have fun with friends and start a sewing project.

Chelsea Chao: I slept in until 10 AM and made guac this morning. I’m probably going to practice piano and shoot some pictures for my photography assignment. I plan on taking photos of my neighbor’s new German Shepherd puppy.

Sai Velaga: I’m spending the day shoveling my driveway and watching as many movies on Disney+ as I can.

Emma Jane Sprunk: I slept in really late, and I’m going roller skating with some friends later.

Sanath Panicker: I slept late and now I’m eating a late breakfast watching Netflix.

Sarah Koehler: I worked out this morning and then I shoveled the driveway. I’ve been packing because I’m leaving to go to Colorado this afternoon.

Lauryn Pergal: I spent the morning catching up by applying for scholarships and doing other work so I can enjoy my weekend…my dog enjoyed sleeping in.

Kenna White: I shoveled snow and then spent like two hours at Sheetz. And I get to go ice skating later!

Julianna Werner: Shoveling.  Nothing like enjoying sleeping in and waking up to the bright, white, untouched snow and being told I have to go shovel it.

Madison Pittman: I’m practicing my skating for a hockey game I have tonight. It’s not exactly relaxing, but it’s a productive way to spend the day.

Julia Wonsettler: I’ve been staying in bed all day. I haven’t been able to relax at all this week, so I’m making up for it by watching Netflix all day.

Emma Kim: I’ve been getting a head start on my homework so that I’ll be able to enjoy the weekend.

Anna Mott: I’m catching up on homework and hanging with friends being calm and cozy.

Meg Patterson: I am playing with my new puppy, because I haven’t seen her too much this week due to school, homework, and working.

Omer Tuncer: I woke up to my alarm for school and, when I saw a notification that said school was canceled, I went back to sleep. Then, I woke up at 11 AM to eat some cereal, but now I’m going back to bed for the rest of the day.

Saranya Muthumula: I woke up really happy because I didn’t have to take my bio quiz. I ended up deciding to watch a movie and have a snowball fight with my brother.

Leila Pinnamaraju: I’m spending the day sleeping, but I’m going to try to get most of my homework done so I won’t have to do it over the weekend and I may end up baking something.

Sofia Mazziotti: I started the day by sleeping in, but then one of my cats, Meredith, bolted outside. I have to go out in the snow to go find her. But at least can follow her tracks in the snow.

Myra Jafri: I have a debate tournament that starts in the afternoon, but if I didn’t have that I would’ve wanted to spend the snow day reading a book or watching some TV.