Wacky National Holidays: March

Abby Pingpank and Megan Wilson

March 1st– National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

Starting off the month, we have National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. If you especially enjoy peanut butter cookies, candy, or just a plain ol’ spoonful, then this is your day to celebrate.


March 2nd– Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

The birthday of one of the best writers of children’s books is coming up. Celebrate this day by reading one of your favorite Dr. Seuss books to a younger sibling or even your dog. Honor this remarkable author and revisit your childhood for a day. 


March 3rd– World Wildlife Day

Go visit some of the best animals and/or create awareness for endangered animals. There are so many cute animals out there! Go out to your local zoo and see all of the animals around the world!


March 6th– National Frozen Food Day 

Have you been staring at that frozen meal in your freezer for a week? Well, today is the day to eat it. Take a trip to the store and stock up on some of your favorite frozen foods. Don’t just limit yourself to microwave meals! Remember that desserts like ice cream and sorbet are also frozen and treat yourself to something sweet. 


March 9th– National Napping Day

Take some time out of your day to do the most fun and stress-relieving activity ever. Take a nap in class on your desk, at home in your bed, or even standing up like a horse. Forget about your problems and sleep the day away.


March 11th– National Promposal Day 

It is never too early to start thinking about who you are asking to prom and how you are going to ask that special someone. This day gives you a special excuse to ask them now and get all the nervousness out of the way, so you can spend your time getting ready for all the fun you’ll be having on the big night. 


March 12th– National Girl Scout Day 

Go out and support your local girl scouts. Everyone loves getting these cookies and, if you’re feeling generous, sharing them with your friends. From Thin Mints to Samoas to S’mores, get every Girl Scout cookie you can think of and eat as many as you can! 


March 14th– National Potato Chip Day


There are so many kinds to choose from, making it that much harder to pick what flavor you want. But, once you eat one, it’s hard to stop yourself from devouring the whole bag. 


March 18th– Awkward Moments Day

Embrace your awkward moments of the last year and let them go. You’ll need to clear up some space for embarrassment before celebrating again next year. But don’t worry because everyone is going to be feeling embarrassed right alongside you!


March 19th– National Let’s Laugh Day

Start cracking jokes to anyone and everyone around you. Make your friends, family, and classmates laugh or to let someone else have and turn and laugh away the day yourself!  


March 20th– National Happiness Day

Try to not let the bad thoughts get to you, and instead spend some time being happy. Spread happiness to those around you through some good and generous actions on this day!


March 21st– National French Toast Day 

Enjoy eating breakfast all day long with your friends and family!  Cook up some delicious french toast and don’t forget to add all those extra toppings. 


March 23rd– National Puppy Day 

Show your dog some love or even go out and adopt a puppy from your local shelter. No matter what, make sure you take the day to enjoy the company of your furry friends. 


March 25th– National Waffle Day 

You just did it with french toast, but why not do it again with waffles? If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making your own, stop by Waffles INCaffeinated or Totins or just pop an Eggo waffle in your toaster.