Remote Updates with Jaime Martinez

Abby Pingpank, Staff Writer

The situation we are dealing with these days is like no other. There has never been a time in any of our lives that has made us basically shut down everything that we do and stay home. These times can be scary, confusing, and unpredictable.

We have all heard advice on how to deal with this crisis from people on the news, our parents, our teachers, and any other adults that look out for us. We have had to deal with the disappointing news that Prom got canceled, news that many colleges are making the SAT and ACT tests optional for admissions for juniors, and many other changes related to our school and remote learning.

Hearing it from adults is always helpful, but hearing news like this coming from a classmate who is going through some of the same things can be a bit more comforting and reassuring. Jaime Martinez, the Senior Class President, has had many remote meetings with Ms. Dirda. The two have discussed countless topics and they have tried to make decisions that were best for the student body.

“Ms. Dirda and I have had the chance to get to know each other quite well since school ended, and we speak on a pretty frequent basis on a whole range of issues, including the constant stream of feedback I receive from students, the senior end-of-year activities, and how we can help each other in improving the school experience for the last quarter,” Martinez said. 

Martinez knows that the NASH administrative staff has been focusing mainly on student feedback to make remote learning as smooth and as seamless as possible.

I’ve had the privilege of sitting in many meetings with students and Ms. Dirda, including April’s Principal’s Advisory meeting,” Martinez stated. “I admire the administration’s receptiveness when discussing student feedback, taking the opinions to heart, and molding district and building policy to ensure each student is able to thrive given the circumstances.”

Martinez has been to countless meetings with the administration and has shown how students have handled this new learning opportunity. He wants to let students know that their voices are being heard and that the staff does appreciate all of your hard work.

Since we were all so unaware that this current situation would end with us not returning to NASH this year, many or most of us have belongings that remain in our classrooms, lockers, and gym lockers. Additionally, textbooks, library books, and senior laptops need to be returned. Seniors also need to be given their caps and gowns. This all becomes significantly more difficult when we are not in school.

“The school district is navigating the legal and safety ramifications of letting students back into the building and is crafting a plan to retrieve materials and drop off textbooks,” Martinez said. “They will be announcing that as soon as they can! I can assure you that they are actively examining it.” 

As for the seniors, who without a doubt have been hit the hardest with the end of this school year, consider this: Jaime is one of you, he understands what you are going through, and he is here to support you the whole way. He and Ms. Dirda do not want you to give up hope, and they are not giving up on you.

“Don’t lose hope,” Martinez said. “This year is not over, and we are doing everything possible to ensure a proper send-off for seniors. Everyone seems to have abandoned senior year–I see obituaries of the school year on Instagram everywhere–and I think this is a wrong approach to take. Our school year ends in June, and although we have faced disappointment after disappointment, we can make the most of the situation we face and create some unforgettable positive moments.”