Advice is Wrong: Online School Edition

Rachel Morrell, Staff Writer

“I absolutely HATE online school. How do I make learning at home easier?” -du3dat3


Thanks to COVID-19, schools nationwide have been forced to close down and transition to online learning. This switch has been really hard on students, teachers, and families, but all hope is not lost. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you absolutely rock online school! 

  • The best way to make at-home learning feel normal is to act like you are in school. Move from room to room like you are going from one class to the next. When you walk to another room, stand in the middle of the hallway and talk, just like people normally would at school! Make sure the people you are at home with can’t move past you easily. Cause as much of a distraction as possible. 
  • Since you aren’t at school in person, you can show up to “class” any time you want. Do what feels best for you. If starting your work at 8:00 pm and ending at 2:00 am works out, keep on doing it! 
  • Ignore all deadlines and due dates. You work on your own time now! You don’t have to face your teachers every day, so turn in those late assignments guilt-free! Don’t worry about getting reprimanded. What are they going to do, email you? 
  • Do the absolute minimum when given an assignment. At North Allegheny, you only need to get a 61% this 9 weeks to get an A. Skip a few assignments, put in the least amount of effort, and use your notes on the final test. All the months and weeks of hard work during the school year have no place now. 
  • If you are required to attend online group calls for a class, simply put a picture of yourself sitting at your table or desk in front of your camera. No one will notice your lack of movement or participation.

I hope this advice helps! Keep up the mediocre work!