The Art of Dancing in the Rain

Life is short, so learning how to appreciate the small moments amid the chaos is crucial.


photo by Julia Poppa

Sentimental sayings may seem slightly overdone, but applying them in everyday life has never been more important.

Anna Parsons, Staff Writer

Sometimes we have really difficult weeks. We didn’t pass our math exam. Our friend is fighting with us. Our team didn’t win the big game. Our English essay received a low score. 

This is metaphorical rain. It’s dreary and saddening. It takes all the joy and happiness out of us. All that is left is simply an existing being. But what if there was a way to turn that rain into something positive?

Well, there is. 

Within that dreadful week, there was a funny conversation at a lunch period. There was a small quiz that got a score of 100%. There was an impressive goal made at practice. 

This is metaphorical dancing. It’s what makes that awful rain turn positive. 

However, oftentimes people don’t focus on the dancing. They focus on the rain. Instead of seeking out the good, they make the generalization that the overall picture is bad. That’s the problem. 

“Dancing in the rain” is a common phrase that people throw about to describe a time in which they turned an awful event into a terrific event by simply making the most of the situation. But the art of dancing in the rain is a tricky skill to master because it takes great effort. For some reason, people really overlook the good unless it’s the main focus. The minuscule good times are thrown away as if they never happened. 

There is always going to be rain. It’s simply inevitable to remove from life. But if we learn how to truly put emphasis on dancing, then the rain will eventually get less and less difficult to watch. 

Making the most of an unexpected event is not an easy task, but it can be done. A good place to begin is with a simple laugh.

Right now we have a pandemic tormenting our world. Our country is approaching a divisive election that is stirring up more hatred each day. We students share the common stress associated with beginning a new school year. There seems to be an immense amount of rain occurring at this time.

Yet, despite these very real issues, it is extremely important to continue to dance. If we get so caught up in the horrid nature of the tension, we will get lost very quickly. It’s a slippery slope. 

Not every day or week is going to have some monumental, amazing experience occur, so in order to truly engage in putting emphasis on the dancing, the little times in life should be weighed equally as importantly as the monumental experiences. 

Letting the rain dominate every day will deteriorate an individual’s soul. It’s important to stay focused on the dance, for it’s what will keep life worth living. 

Life is also, in general, very short. Why spend it centering on the damaging, negative aspects? Each day may have an overall image it is presenting, but picking apart each minute to find the positives is worth it. 

At times, it may feel that sometimes there’s no hope, hat even with great effort to grasp some sort of happiness, there is no chance at a positive outcome. The rain seems to blur out the dance. 

But the music will turn on soon, and the dancing will pour out. It always does. 

Making the most of an unexpected disappointment is not an easy task, but it can be done. A good place to begin is with a simple laugh. Laughter drains the stress from one’s body and will provide an opportunity for joy to walk through the door. 

The world around us is terrifying, with  constant uncertainty and immense detestation. If we don’t learn how to take thoughtful care of those special, positive moments, our lives will crumple.

Enjoy the little things. Create positive memories. Explore the art of dancing in the rain.