Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

What is NASH craving the most this Thursday?

Jamey Simon, Staff Writer

As the Thanksgiving break approaches, students are excited for a wide variety of reasons — but the one shared reason is the food. Nothing defines the holiday as much as homemade food shared with loved ones. We caught up with students around NASH to see what they’re craving the most this Thursday. At the bottom of the page can be found recipes for some of the meals mentioned.

Ethan Vitanza: Mashed potatoes

Emily Yanchak: Mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce

Elizabeth Cuba: Apple pie

Jack Mura: Turkey and apple pie

Alex Romanchik: Mashed potatoes

Madeline Alexander: Mashed potatoes

Emily Gierczynski: Sweet potatoes

Ana Hasselbusch: Corn casserole

Kena Shannon: Green bean casserole

Evelyn Wiethorn: Green bean casserole

Mac Ingram: Mashed potatoes

Alli Schwartz: Stuffing

Audrey Laswell: Apple Pie

Carolyn Mole: Stuffing

Megan Quinlan: Pumpkin pie

Quinn Volpe: Pumpkin pie mixed with white chocolate

Aidan Janowiak: Mashed potatoes

Paige Vitanza: Mashed potatoes and gravy

Jamey Simon: Apple pie


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All the foods enjoyed at the Thanksgiving dinner table are great, but something about the combination of food and family time really lifts people’s spirits. COVID-19 has not let us have a normal holiday by any means this year, but we are blessed to have food to eat and people whom we care about.