Fun National Days In February

February holds many exciting, albeit random, holidays that can help make life a little more festive.


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The shortest month of the year has many noteworthy days.

Jamey Simon, Staff Writer

February 1st: National Freedom Day

This celebrates the signing of a resolution that proposed the 13th amendment, which took the first steps in abolishing slavery.

February 2nd: Groundhog Day

This holiday is pretty well known to Pennsylvanians and celebrates the anticipated coming of spring. Punxsutawney Phil uses his shadow to foresee the weather. This year, he predicted six more weeks of winter.

February 3th: National Girls and Women in Sports

This holiday holds a little more merit, as it acknowledges women’s place in athletics. They weren’t always permitted to participate because of harmful stereotypes.

February 4th:National Homemade Soup Day

Most soups are bought at stores, but I guess you could try and make some tomato soup at home to mark this occasion.

February 5th: World Nutella Day

This famous spread was created in 1964 and is a wildly popular brand today.

February 6th: National Frozen Yogurt Day

Head on over to Yum and make your own custom frozen yogurt.

February 7th: National Popcorn Day

Grab a bucket of this buttery snack, and enjoy a movie with friends or family.

February 8th: National Kite Flying Day:

Let’s go fly a kite to celebrate this occasion.

February 9th: National Toothache Day

This one doesn’t sound like a day anybody wants to celebrate.

February 10th: National Clean Out Your Computer Day

I suppose there are enough benefits of having more memory on your device and a clear desktop to warrant a holiday.

February 11th: National Make a Friend Day

If you see someone on their own, go talk to them and start a conversation. This holiday is all about meeting new people.

February 12th: National Plum Pudding Day

I guess we all like different things, but maybe this holiday is the chance to give plum pudding a try.

February 13th: National Cheddar Day

Go make yourself some extra cheesy mac and cheese!

February 14th: Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows this notorious day. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate a loved one, or enjoy some chocolate and sweets for yourself.

February 15th: Single Awareness Day

This day, hilariously falling after Valentine’s Day, makes it clear that there is nothing wrong with being single.

February 16th: National Do a Grouch a Favor Day

If you know a neighbor or someone that is always complaining, help them out! It might just improve their mood in the long run.

February 17th: National Random Acts of Kindness Day

You never know who might need a helping hand or could use a friend. One act of kindness could have a huge impact on someone’s life.

February 18th: National Battery Day

There’s no doubt that batteries have made modern life a lot easier, so maybe it’s good that we take a few moments to appreciate them.

February 19th: National Chocolate Mint Day 

Go treat yourself to a York Peppermint Patty.

February 20th: National Love Your Pet Day

If you have a furry friend, make sure to give them a big hug today.

February 21st: National Grain Free Day

Challenge yourself to make an all grain free meal! Experimenting in the kitchen can be an unexpected source of joy.

February 22nd: National California Day

California is nationally recognized for it’s beautiful climate and sunshine.

February 23rd: National Banana Bread Day 

With the popularization of baking soda in the 1930’s, banana bread became a staple in US households. Use this holiday to celebrate its history and bake some of your own.  

February 24th: National Tortilla Chip Day

Though the 24th doesn’t fall on a Taco Tuesday, it’s an excuse to enjoy a delicious Mexican meal.

February 25th: National Pancake Day

Everybody head over to iHop, where you can get a free pancake!

February 26th: National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Fairy tales are important parts of most of our childhoods. Why not sit down and read one to a younger sibling or revisit your favorite story?

February 27th: National Polar Bear Day

Let’s show our love for snowy friends! You can donate here to “adopt a polar bear” and help wildlife teams keep them safe in the Arctic.

February 28th: National Public Sleeping Day

This is the perfect chance to ask your teacher if you can have nap time in class. Don’t be afraid to get your snooze on!