Diving Deeper Into Crystals


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A variety of healing crystals

Chelsea Boyer, Social Media Director

Have you ever heard of Rose Quartz or Hematite? You have most likely seen or heard of crystals before. You may have even seen a friend wearing a necklace or carrying a crystal in their pocket. Why do they do that? Believe it or not, crystals are not just for looks. They actually have much deeper meanings behind them. 

What do crystals do? Crystals are commonly used in spiritual practices but also in everyday life. They can be used for healing, amplifying, or to keep you balanced. Before understanding crystals, it is very important to mention the Chakras that make up your body. The human body is made up of seven Chakras, which are different energy points in your body. Each Chakra relates to a physical location in your body and has its own main function. Your body operates best when your Chakras are open and aligned. There are specific crystals that relate to each Chakra and can help heal or simply open them. Overall, crystals can be used to help our Chakras and our well-being. 

The Seven Chakras (Image via healthline.com)

After studying your Chakras, you may want to dive deeper into the true meaning of crystals. A common misconception about crystals is that they are used to simply make wishes or to request things. They can definitely be used with manifestations and affirmations, but try not to use them greedily. Crystals are meant to push you on the path you are destined to be on.  You can set your crystals with intentions to attract certain things, such as luck, money, love, etc. Try to focus on your needs rather than wants.

How do you choose a crystal? There is no wrong way to choose a crystal. Many times one will simply stick out to you before you even know what it is meant to do. Sometimes we do not know we need something until it finds us. As I mentioned before, specific crystals match with a certain Chakra. If a specific Chakra needs healing or is unbalanced, a crystal can be used to help realign or open it. For example, if someone lacks confidence or struggles to have personal freedom, citrine may help heal their Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrine can be used to increase self-esteem and help protect you from negative energies. It is also a great starter crystal.

Once you find a crystal, you should probably cleanse it and set your intentions. It is important to clear any past, negative energies from your crystals and to infuse them with your own. There are multiple ways you can cleanse your crystal. One of the most popular ways to cleanse and charge them is to lay them in the sunlight. Be careful though, because some stones will fade in the sunlight. You can also charge them in moonlight. A full moon is a great opportunity to charge your crystals and set your intentions for the new lunar month. Another common method is to place the crystal in sea salt mixed with water. It can sit in the salt water for up to forty-eight hours. Not all crystals should be placed in water though. Majority of crystals that end in -ite are not compatible with water. One of my favorite methods is to place the crystals with a self charging crystal. I personally place all my crystals by a Selenite crystal, which charges them. It is best to try to cleanse your crystals at least once a month.

Setting intentions with your crystals is also very important. If you do not, your crystals will not know their job or how to help you. Crystals in general have their own natural properties, but they can also help you with specific areas in your life. Hold your cleansed crystal and say your intention aloud or in your head. For example, if I was setting my intention for Hematite, I might say, “I intend for this crystal to ground me and help my concentration and focus.” Drain any negative thoughts and let your crystal become infused with your words and goals. It is also completely normal for your intentions to change with time. You may find that you have to reset your intentions every month. It is important to do what feels right to you. 

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So why do people put crystals in their pockets or wear it as a necklace? It is important to keep your crystal with you as much as possible. When they are with you, they will keep your intentions and goals relevant in your mind. 

Finally after you have set your crystals, it is key to show gratitude. Express how thankful you are for everything you have and what you have been blessed with. This is a perfect way to end your cleansing or ritual. Some people write down what they are thankful for while others say them aloud. 

Overall, crystals can be amazing physical and emotional healers. They can help you get rid of any negative energies within your body and open up your Chakras. One important thing to note is that there is no wrong way to do this. Everybody’s journey is different and there is no one way or specific path to take. Whether you choose to believe they are effective or not it is up to you. Try to keep an open mind, though, because crystals cannot harm you. They can only help.