Just Dropped

Recent music releases offer everything from groovy pop songs to indie and country melodies.


graphic by Quinn Volpe

Artists and bands Ritt Momney, Twenty One Pilots, City Park, With Confidence, Claud, Boys World, and Taylor Swift have all released new music recently.

Quinn Volpe, Staff Writer

Recent music releases range from punk to indie to country, so there is something to cater to everyone’s taste. You might even be surprised by how much you like a song that’s different from what is usually found on your playlist.

“Big Cat Judgement Day” by With Confidence

Australian pop-punk band With Confidence released this song as a “feel-good song of the pandemic,” and that’s exactly what it is. The tune ponders on the idea of total human extinction—a thought that has likely crossed the minds of many as the global virus has continued to spread. Despite its dark subject matter, the song is fun and catchy, and arguably could be a party song. It is the band’s first release since 2018 and a perfect mix of their old sound with new commendable qualities.

“Set The Table” by Ritt Momney & Claud

Lesser-known artists Ritt Momney and Claud came together in collaboration to create this bedroom-poppy-sounding tune. An electronic and sparkly sound is paired with clever lyrics like, “I’ll pour you a glass of wine if that’s your cup of tea,” and, “sticks and stones only break you down a little.” These sentiments create the ideal song to sing along and drive to.

“Shy Away” by Twenty One Pilots

Band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun got together virtually to create their second song of the pandemic, “Shy Away.” This kicked off the release of their upcoming album entitled Scaled and Icy. The song is surprisingly different from their previous work, and it seems as if the bandmates are expressing an improved mental state–one in which they can give advice to others regarding how they have been able to get better and fuel their passion as artists.

As Joseph passionately says, “An ‘I love you,’ that isn’t words, like a song he wrote, that’s never heard,” it is clear that he is singing from the heart. The exciting instrumentation that they introduced in this release only adds to this.

“I Believe I’m Ready” by City Park

This funky soul song deserves much more recognition than it has received. It thoroughly represents the internal dialogue a person might have when they think their potential isn’t fully recognized by others. This relatability is extended to the idea of longing for a chance to prove yourself. Along with this, the groovy instrumentation supports groovier vocals.

“Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” by Taylor Swift

Although Taylor Swift released her newest full-length album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), on Friday, April 9th, she released “Mr. Perfectly Fine” from the vault two days earlier. Songs that are “from the vault” were written but not released when Swift first released Fearless. It has a similar vibe to her popular releases of that time such as “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story,” and it may lean towards the country-pop genre unlike her newly written songs featured in Folklore and Evermore. Her songwriting skills were praiseworthy even back then, over a decade ago, as she perfectly managed to create a timeline of the relationship she was referring to while simultaneously establishing clear contradictions between herself and her former partner. The theme is also extremely relatable in the way that it describes a situation in which a person does not turn out to be as great as we think they are.

“Relapse” by Boys World

Girl group Boys World released their first extended play titled While You Were Out, featuring “Relapse” as the fourth track. It’s hard to get bored throughout the song, as different girls sing depending on the section. Each band member brings their own talent to the song—something that is made obvious by their beautiful vocals and ability to change the level of emotion and intensity as necessary.