Knocked Out

Last week’s boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather may have been partially or even completely staged.


Associated Press

Floyd Mayweather, left, and Logan Paul pose for photographers during a weigh-in Saturday, June 5, 2021, in Hollywood, Fla. Paul is scheduled to fight Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., Sunday. (AP Photo/Jim Rassol) ORG XMIT: FLJS103

Flynn McGurrin, Staff Writer

Over the last few years, celebrity boxing has taken the world by storm, with arguably the most anticipated fight taking place last Sunday. The fight featured undefeated world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and famous YouTuber and social media personality Logan Paul.

The rules were fairly simple.  While there would be no judges and no official winner, the fight could be stopped if one of the fighters was knocked out.

The vast majority of viewers believed that Mayweather would mop the floor with Paul, and why wouldn’t they? Floyd is a world champ with an astounding record of 50-0, while Paul is an inexperienced boxer with only two fights under his belt, neither of which he won. However, many viewers were shocked when Paul went the Distance and lasted all eight rounds without being knocked down.

So why didn’t Floyd just finish the job like everyone knew he could?

Some cited the vast weight and height difference between the two, and while this is a valid point, I believe there is a different reason behind the draw. Floyd didn’t want to beat Logan.

Ironically, Sunday’s fight wasn’t really about the fight. It was about the money, and Floyd Mayweather knows how to make money. Floyd has made over 100 million dollars multiple times, most notably in his fights against Connor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao. Neither party would make that much dough for this fight, but with around 600,000 pay per view purchases in the US, Mayweather and Paul can expect checks worth tens of millions of dollars.

Clearly, lifelong financial security is enough to fight a world champion boxer, but the money doesn’t explain why the fight would be faked. The theatrics seemed to be all about salvaging the reputations of those involved. Both fighters are world famous figures with everything to lose and a name to keep clean. If he had lost, scrutiny for Logan would be limited to internet memes and some Twitter bullying.  However, implications would be much more severe if Mayweather took the loss. A man who was once considered to be the best boxer of all time with billions of dollars in earnings would now be known as the guy who lost to a YouTuber.

Logan And Floyd both knew what would happen if one of them lost the fight, so their solution was to not lose. Hype up the fight and get people to buy it, don’t have judges or an official winner, and agree not to knock each other out. That’s it.

If only making millions of dollars was that easy for everyone.

While neither Mayweather nor Paul officially won the fight, they definitely didn’t lose. Getting paid millions of dollars to run around a ring for 24 minutes is about as easy as it gets, and both fighters left without a scratch on their reputations.

The real losers of the fight are the poor souls who purchased the event for 50 dollars. I’m truly sorry for anyone who spent their money and time on a fight that was most likely rigged from the start. Boxing matches have become a great way for celebrities to make some quick cash, but they could be ruined if these fights become staged.

Let’s hope for the sake of fans everywhere that the Mayweather Vs. Paul fight doesn’t become a trend.