The Battle of Two Legends

Kanye’s and Drake’s latest releases further intensify the competitiveness between the two artists.


TMZ/Getty composite

Musicians Drake (left) and Kanye have a long-standing feud that shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Manas Kathir, Staff Writer

Meeting expectations can be exceedingly tough, whether it be in sports, business, or the arts. For Kanye West and Drake, the people were promised greatness, and the expectations were extremely high for their upcoming albums.

Kanye West’s album Donda was supposed to be released on July 23rd. However, due to unknown reasons, West dropped the album on August 29th. On the other side, Drake planned to release his album Certified Lover Boy back in January, but that later became September 3rd.

Millions of fans, upset about the delays, eventually got what they had been asking for. Now, did Donda and Certified Lover Boy actually reach the high expectations? While they reached impressive numbers in terms of streaming numbers, the fans online were not hesitant to talk about their disappointment. With such delays, I believed the music quality should have been significantly better.

Kanye West’s Donda was a tribute album to his mother, Donda West, who unfortunately passed away on November 10th, 2007. Donda was a good album, but was it great? A few songs that I enjoyed include Hurricane, Off The Grid, Praise God, and Moon. Besides those songs, there were no others that I can say stuck to me. Donda cannot be compared to his past work, like Graduation, The College Dropout, 808s &amp Heartbreak, etc.

Although I love the tribute, West’s album did disappoint me due to the amount of hype that was produced with the delays. I expected it to be the best album of his career, but I don’t even think it reached one of his top three albums.

Now, did Drake’s Certified Lover Boy, after months of delay, give fans like me what we were looking for? I was looking forward to this album because of not only the hype but because it was delayed by eight months. That definitely meant he put a bunch of effort into it, but in the end, I was underwhelmed.

There were some hits that stood out to me, including Papi’s Home, Fair Trade, and In The Bible. As a full album, it did not reach expectations in terms of musical quality.

The best part of the album was Kawhi Leonard’s appearance in the Way 2 Sexy Music Video. His dancing in the video was extremely amusing, but that is beside the point. Certified Lover Boy was not one of Drake’s top albums and did very much disappoint me.

Even though they reached extremely high streaming numbers, Donda and Certified Lover Boy were not the best work of either of the two artists. If I had to choose the better album, I would take Donda because the features were better, the songs were more memorable, and the overall work sounded better than Certified Lover Boy.

Now, what is the beef between these two artists? Is it a coincidence that they decided to release their albums near the same date? Well, social media has been buzzing about the feud between Drake and Kanye West as they took shots at each other in the lyrics of their songs.

In addition to this ongoing feud, Drake did something extremely unexpected and dropped one of Kanye’s songs called Life of the Party. Featuring Andre 3000, the song was a diss track towards Drake and fans are wondering why he would leak something that insulted him.

As the world continues to gain information, the questions will continue to grow. However, the question of their albums’ release dates is finally gone and we can now judge the music for ourselves. Both did not reach the expectations in terms of musical quality. However, they did in streaming numbers, and as long as the two legends keep producing music, fans have no room to complain.