Good Talk: Ms. Spak

Meet the NASH science teacher who is rather particular about dog names and her cherished jellyfish!

Emily Janosko, Staff Writer

What inspired you to be a biology teacher?

I have always enjoyed learning about life. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Biology and working a lot of odd jobs, I realized that I really enjoyed teaching and coaching others, too. Our understanding of biology is constantly changing. It keeps the subject fun and exciting to share with students. It inspires me when I inspire them to want to solve life’s problems.

How long have you been at NASH, and what has changed the most since you started here?

This is my 24th year teaching at NASH. Without question, technology has changed the most.  When I started in 1998, there were no cell phones, laptops, internet, email, or social media. Life was pretty simple then.  

What piece of advice would you give to students for after high school?

Do what makes you happy, not what makes you rich.

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Forrest Gump

What sports did you play in high school and college? Which one was your favorite?

I played basketball, volleyball, and softball. However, I went on to play basketball at The University of Delaware in college. I would have to say that I’m a hooper at heart.

Favorite place to live?

Anywhere near the beach. It is my happy place.

Why did you name your dog Finnigan?

He is a Wheaten Terrier, which is a breed that has Irish roots. However, his full name is Finnigan Steve. There aren’t enough dogs named Steve in this world.

What is your spirit animal?

The hummingbird – a sign of connection, playfulness, and adaptability.

If you could sing a song with Glenn W., what subject would you choose?

DNA Replication – because DNA synthesis is crazy and cool and Science Music Videos makes hard stuff easier to understand.

Favorite flower?

Zinnias. Big, bold, beautiful and deer-resistant.

Go-to Starbucks order?

Skinny Caramel Macchiato – Venti

What do you feed the jellyfish?

 Krabby Patties, of course. Only the best will do for my jellies.