Tickets to My Downfall Tour Takes Pittsburgh

Machine Gun Kelly’s concert in Pittsburgh late last month was a loud, high-energy success.


Camryn Gray

Machine Gun Kelly entertains the crowd with his guitar skills.

Camryn Gray, Staff Writer

Colson Baker, more commonly known as Machine Gun Kelly or MGK, is approaching the end of his national Tickets to My Downfall Tour. The city of Pittsburgh was one of Machine Gun Kelly’s last tour stops performing the album.

The tour was sold out in both Pittsburgh and Cleveland — MGK’s hometown — which created a desperate hunger for tickets for all of his fans. 

The opening acts also drew attention to those wanting to purchase tickets, especially the main opening act. The awaited performance of Jaden Hossler, who goes by the stage name of JXDN, would appear just before MGK himself. Kenny Hoopla was supposed to be a part of the special guests/opening acts, but he was not in attendance at the Pittsburgh show. Carole’s Daughter began as the first opening act of the night at the Petersen Events Center.

Carole’s Daughter is beginning to make a name for herself in the music industry seeing as she is already an opening act for MGK. The 18-year-old rose to fame after her hit song, “Violent.”  It was evident that she was eager for this career-boosting performance.

Carole’s daughter was a lively personality on stage, but the crowd did not seem to be overly enthused. Those sitting directly in front of the stage were more energetic than those not, but the singing almost felt like screaming from an audience perspective.

Jaden Hossler would take the stage after Carole’s daughter as the main opening act. Hossler rose to fame as a Tik Tok star but used that success to follow his passion of music.  JXDN’s career only became more successful after signing to Travis Barker’s record label, DTA records.

Hossler had the crowd intrigued to see how he would perform live, after starting as a Tik Tok star. Moments later, the lights turned off, and the Pittsburgh fans screamed with excitement to hear JXDN.

JXDN began his set by singing his song “Pills” from his debut album Tell Me About Tomorrow. The setlist included deep tracks, hits, and unreleased songs from Hossler’s next album. Arguably one of his most popular songs, “Angels and Demons,” was a great choice to end his set of the concert.

The former Tik Tok star did use a fair amount of backtrack over his vocals. However, he was not lip-syncing over the backtrack. Hossler was overall lively and a great live performer.

Subsequently, Machine Gun Kelly began his performance as he rose from the stage in a dramatic entrance. He introduced himself to the audience and immediately began singing “Title Track” from Tickets to My Downfall.

MGK played many of his viral songs from the Tickets to My Downfall album, but in the middle of the concert, he sang songs off his previous album, Hotel Diablo

Machine Gun Kelly has been known for including children in the audience on this tour, and the Pittsburgh show was no exception. The day of the concert was near Halloween, so MGK allowed a child dressed as Chucky the doll to rap one of his hit songs. 

The visuals on the screens and props on stage added to the true intrigue of the concert. The videos that would play in between songs did not bore the crowd in the slightest. They only provoked excitement.

Similarly, a particular video that energized the audience had a special cameo that included one of MGK’s closest friends. Pete Davidson appeared in a video, seeing as he collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly on one of the interlude tracks from the album. 

MGK did not miss out on singing any of the popular tracks from the Tickets to My Downfall album., including “My Ex’s Best Friend,” “Concert For Aliens,” and many more. The viral hit “Bloody Valentine” was the closing of the concert, which left the fans in the audience voiceless from singing as loudly as possible.

The concert was an overall huge success, especially after coming back from a pandemic. Carol’s Daughter, JXDN, and Machine Gun Kelly all had high energy and great performances for the Pittsburgh concert.